This is my survival/urban keychain, it is my own design that I have been working on over the past few years! Some of the items, such as the screwdriver would not be very helpful when deserted on a desert island, however my paracord key fob might be slightly more helpful! This is still a temporary design so if you have any ideas of what else I should add please comment below.

Step 1: Back-Up USB

This is my back-up USB, I store important photos, birth certificates, passports and other important documents on it.
<p>What type of key is THAT?</p>
Is the flash drive encrypted? If it's not, anybody could take the flash drive and access the documents on it.
Speaking of keys, I think a UtiliKey by Swiss Tech could be added as the first 'key' <br> <br>http://amzn.to/13GZc3x
Good idea! I like that! I was thinking about purchasing the True Utility Key Tool, but I think that this tool is much better for the price.
I have both, and they are marginally useful. A Leatherman Style is really slim and has almost all the same features as a Victorinox Classic. And I find the screwdriver on it far superior for glasses than the Vic, Utilikey, or TU Key Tool. <br>
I will show this to my better half. Maybe he will make me one! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day! <br>sunshiine

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