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Introduction: My Survival/Urban Keychain

This is my survival/urban keychain, it is my own design that I have been working on over the past few years! Some of the items, such as the screwdriver would not be very helpful when deserted on a desert island, however my paracord key fob might be slightly more helpful! This is still a temporary design so if you have any ideas of what else I should add please comment below.

Step 1: Back-Up USB

This is my back-up USB, I store important photos, birth certificates, passports and other important documents on it.

Step 2: Photon Freedom Micro-Light

As well as being super bright and compact, the Photon Freedom Micro-Light has 4 different survival settings and a dimmer which makes this flashlight very practical for everyday use. It is a little pricey compared to other flashlights but it will last years.

Step 3: IPhone Sim Card Opener

I am sure a lot of you think this is a strange tool to put on a keychain but it has been more useful than any of the other tools over the years! Whether I am helping my friend take out her sim card, or I am trying to get something out of a hole, this little tool has been extremely helpful and I highly recommend you carry one with you everywhere!

Step 4: Paracord Fob

This item is pretty self explanatory. It is my paracord keychain. Overall the whole thing holds about 5 feet of paracord! Below is the link to MeZillch's video on how to make it.

Step 5: True Utility Coin Holder

In my True Utility Coin Holder I don't actually hold coins! Sometimes I use it as a Gorilla Tape Dispenser, or as a mini survival kit itself. I have wrapped glow in the dark tape around it so I can see it in dark conditions. 

Step 6: True Utility Mini Driver

This mini screwdriver is amazing! It has four mini bits which are held inside the shaft. You can even put a coin through the slot and use it as a mini handle! It has a neat design and it is an affordable price.

Step 7: Lifesystems 108 Db Whistle

This is a great little aluminium whistle which can reach up to 108 Db! It has been very helpful over the years!

Step 8: And Last But Not Least... My Keys!

Let's face it, a keychain without keys is not a keychain! So, I felt that my keys needed a mention too!



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    What type of key is THAT?

    Is the flash drive encrypted? If it's not, anybody could take the flash drive and access the documents on it.

    Speaking of keys, I think a UtiliKey by Swiss Tech could be added as the first 'key'

    Good idea! I like that! I was thinking about purchasing the True Utility Key Tool, but I think that this tool is much better for the price.

    I have both, and they are marginally useful. A Leatherman Style is really slim and has almost all the same features as a Victorinox Classic. And I find the screwdriver on it far superior for glasses than the Vic, Utilikey, or TU Key Tool.

    I will show this to my better half. Maybe he will make me one! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!