Picture of My Survival/Urban Keychain
This is my survival/urban keychain, it is my own design that I have been working on over the past few years! Some of the items, such as the screwdriver would not be very helpful when deserted on a desert island, however my paracord key fob might be slightly more helpful! This is still a temporary design so if you have any ideas of what else I should add please comment below.

Step 1: Back-Up USB

Picture of Back-Up USB
This is my back-up USB, I store important photos, birth certificates, passports and other important documents on it.
techboy4117 months ago

What type of key is THAT?

hintss techboy4112 months ago


ajb7462 years ago
Is the flash drive encrypted? If it's not, anybody could take the flash drive and access the documents on it.
stevenswall2 years ago
Speaking of keys, I think a UtiliKey by Swiss Tech could be added as the first 'key'

bird123457 (author)  stevenswall2 years ago
Good idea! I like that! I was thinking about purchasing the True Utility Key Tool, but I think that this tool is much better for the price.
I have both, and they are marginally useful. A Leatherman Style is really slim and has almost all the same features as a Victorinox Classic. And I find the screwdriver on it far superior for glasses than the Vic, Utilikey, or TU Key Tool.
sunshiine2 years ago
I will show this to my better half. Maybe he will make me one! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!
bird123457 (author)  sunshiine2 years ago