This is the first pistol i have designed myself so suggestions would be good. The TAP is a very good pistol with a true trigger. 1 rubber band = about 5 feet in range depending on where you attatch it.

Pros: Sights, good handle, and good range

Cons:Sometimes need to ram ammo down the barrel

Ammo:Blue and Red rods work best

Credit to Knex_builder_freak for the handle

Step 1: Handle

build the handle

Step 2: Trigger

a very simple trigger

Step 3: Barrel/ Frame

build the barrel/ frame

Step 4: Ram Rod

build the ram rod

Step 5: Put It All Together

build it
what kind of pieces should i use<br>
2 more cons :<br>1. no mag<br>2. single shot<br><br>well technically its 1 con cos they're the same
my trigger was so powerful the firing pin almost went with it!!! 80
Too much glare.
&nbsp;I made one exactly like that with a different trigger!
<p>Can u explain the triiger how does it go in and why does it look different then the one in step 2</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
<p>When you put it in, you have to insert the white rod first, then snap it in. you turn it around</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
nice gun!
i cn barely see it
How to u shoot????
Pull back the firing pin, shove your ammo into the front of the barrel, and pull the trigger.
sorta like a block trigger so it is 3
Bit of glare... couldn't really tell what the small part was for awhile
i agree
Holy crap, how do you put the two halves together?
? Which two halves ?
Not exactly an assault pistol, by todays standards anyway. However, I see you've made a simple trigger, that is new, and caught my eye, how well does it work?
It works really well, im working on an instructable right now on my MRP1 Shark
Dangit!!!!!!!!!!! 5 green connectors short!!!!!!!!
You're right, PLASTIC sights instead of IRON sights. XD
Nice gun! Thanks for the credit :-P
Thanks the jamalm. Your guns are great... how do you come up with them?
you reply by clicking the reply button in the lower right hand corner of the comment. Anyways, this is an average gun, the trigger looks new... mm 3.5*, ill change it to a 4 if you breech load the gun.
All pretty good except for the trigger. It could be a bit... smaller. Nevermind. Looks great! 4.5 stars!

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