My T.A.P (Tactical Assault Pistol) Knex Gun





Introduction: My T.A.P (Tactical Assault Pistol) Knex Gun

This is the first pistol i have designed myself so suggestions would be good. The TAP is a very good pistol with a true trigger. 1 rubber band = about 5 feet in range depending on where you attatch it.

Pros: Sights, good handle, and good range

Cons:Sometimes need to ram ammo down the barrel

Ammo:Blue and Red rods work best

Credit to Knex_builder_freak for the handle

Step 1: Handle

build the handle

Step 2: Trigger

a very simple trigger

Step 3: Barrel/ Frame

build the barrel/ frame

Step 4: Ram Rod

build the ram rod

Step 5: Put It All Together

build it



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what kind of pieces should i use

2 more cons :
1. no mag
2. single shot

well technically its 1 con cos they're the same

my trigger was so powerful the firing pin almost went with it!!! 80

Too much glare.

 I made one exactly like that with a different trigger!

Can u explain the triiger how does it go in and why does it look different then the one in step 2


When you put it in, you have to insert the white rod first, then snap it in. you turn it around