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I'm old. I like to recycle. I need an air filter to keep the dust down in my small shop. I found a box fan.

I often do a lot of sanding and that generates a lot of dust that gets all over everything. I know there are commercially available shop filters and I know this is not the most efficient method but it works and that's all I need.

This builds on the published projects of many other folks, to whom I am grateful. This is not to belittle their work, merely to show how I did it. If it helps someone, that's good.


Step 1: Make a Plan, Gather Materials

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I made a simple sketch to get in my mind how it would go together and what materials I would need.

20" Box Fan - I found one curbside

Assorted pieces of wood - I had a couple of pieces of laminated flooring for the sides and the rest was offcuts from the shop pile.

Filter - an inexpensive furnace filter. If this works then I'm good. If not, it will be easy to modify the frame to add a filter and then consider getting more expensive one BUT from what I have read, this seems the most economical for the money.

Step 2: Prep and Build

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After testing the fan, I washed it to remove dust and dirt. Then sanded and primed the metal parts.

I prepped all the wood frame parts and fastened them to the fan and each other.

Step 3: Ready for Use!

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Finally I reattached the front guard and inserted the filter.

I can set it on the floor next to where I am sanding or I can use the handle for a couple pieces of rope and hang it from the rafters if needed.

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.


Hutch Fix It (author)2017-04-19

I like it. I had an idea to do something similar and now that you have done it, I'm going to have to do it now.

DonS89 (author)Hutch Fix It2017-04-19

Thank you. Make a plan and build yours. then put it in the comments!

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