My Tarp "Lounge"





Introduction: My Tarp "Lounge"

I made this fort in the woods over Spring Break, and since people on instructables are nice, and not stuck-up jerks I've decided to make this little slide show. I would do a step by step, but I didn't take pictures while I was building it because my camera was messed up. So I hope you guys can figure out how i did this. The frame uses no nails, only rope, so it doesn't hurt the trees. Some of you guys might be thinking that I'm too old for fort building, well, your never too old. I also like making them more and more sophisticated. This one has an air conditioning that uses evaporation. It's also screened it in many parts. I plan on making a little sink for it, but at the moment I'm broke. so i hope you guys enjoy it, and if you have any ideas on things I could add, just leave it in the comments.



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    The day I'm too old to go build a "fort" in the woods is the day to nail up the lid on my coffin. Growing old disgracefully, immaturing as the years go by!!

    I'm 63 and still don't know what I want to be when I "grow up". My advice: never grow up. I have a fort in my backyard. It passes as an art studio and the fortress of solitude. I still like to climb trees. You go boy! I like your fort!

    you just made my day! i hope that when i get older, that i can still keep my spunk just like you!


    I like the air conditioning. Where does the water come from?

    i just like to keep a thing of water down there. its a 3 liter bottle of it, so i gets it pretty wet. i was going to connect my old bike pump to some pvc and run it into a little creek we have, but i didn't want to be breathing in that humidity that has bacteria in it and stuff. the creek also dries up a lot.

    Nice i made one of those tarp tents last year and tryed to sleep in it but a angry bull kinda runed our plan lol.

    oh, that sucks. what do you mean by a bull?