My ThreePersonal Favorites of All of the Hundreds of Egg That I Have





Introduction: My ThreePersonal Favorites of All of the Hundreds of Egg That I Have

This slideshow provides you with a look at my Three Personal Favorites that I have created in design seminars over the past few years.
I credit Joan Huff, Sally LeVan and Dot Cannon with teaching me some of their fabulous design concepts. Additionally I give you a peek at the next interpretation of Faberge that I have under construction. It is My Interpretation of the Danish Palace egg. It is a long way from completion, but I hope the have it finished by Thanksgiving.
Thank you for viewing my Three Personal Favorites.
Carole B. Kjellsen



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    Amazing work! The Cabinet of tiny quail eggs is quite breathtaking!

    what would the 6th picture be? a faberge clam?

    a few questions. 1. If I were to make my first Faberge egg, what kind of egg should I use? 2. Would a dremel or similar tool work for cutting the egg? Im inclined to think not but just thought I'd make shure. 3. How do I make a base for the finished egg 4. where is a good place to get cheap rhinestones and other shiny bit with which to adorn one's egg? Thanks!

    hi my name is Kiara love the baby eggs in the cabinet. Would like to know how you made them and with what kind of eggs? I'm only 10 and my aunt is helping. I'm planning to make one special faberge' egg for my mom and dad. could you give me tips, but email my aunt so my parents don't know. thank you so much, a fan of your art work, kiara

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    Kiara, The "baby" eggs that you have referred to are a collection of the smaller eggs that egg artists work with. The larger ones (inside the really big rhea egg, are Bobwhite quail eggs, the "middle sized" small eggs are parakeet eggs and the small ones are zebra finch eggs. The really really tiny eggs are snail eggs. The "tea pot" was made by cutting the top off of one of the bobwhite quail eggs. I just put a very small decal on it on the "bottom" part of the tea pot;on top I simply glued a small 4mm gold bead. The handle was made from a small plastic swan! I cut it off at the neck to get the curve of the handle; the spout of the tea pot is another plastic swan with its head and part of the neck. I had to file it to fit to the quail egg. Bobwhite quail eggs and zebra finch eggs are very easy to break, so be sure to reinforce the eggshell with a spray sealer like Krylon 1311 Matte Sealer, or paint it with several coats of clear nail polish. The intricate cutting was done with a very high speed tool used by egg artists. If these are your first eggs, I would recommend that you paint them in pretty colors, and put a tiny picture of a flower or some very tiny beads and use the beads to create flowers. Those turn out very nicely; my mother had a brain hemorrhage and when she was in rehab she had to teach a class on one of the things she used to be able to do, so she used the quail eggs and she had each person put one size 9ss dark yellow flatbacked rhinestone in the center; then around that each person had to put a red size 9ss flatbacked rhinestone; then the created the stem of the flower and theleaves with the green size 9ss flatbacked rhinestones. They turned out very nicely and I had used epoxy to put an up eye on the top of each quail egg and I gave each person an ornament hanger, and everyone in her Stroke Recovery Program went home with a "flower ornament" that they had made and only one person broke an egg. You could create your own design by going to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Wal-mart and getting several colors of rhinestones to create your own unique design for your parents. If you got the really little ones, sized 5ss you could put DAD on one and MOM on one and your name on the back or the year. Use a strand of spaghetti, put it in your mouth to dampen the noodle with your saliva and use it to pick up the rhinestones. It works like a charm! Good Luck, Have Fun, and if you need more advice send me an e-mail at: I know your parents will love it. This is the only way I am able to communicate with you at present. I do not haveyour aunt's e-mail address. It does not come through with the email address the first time I get a comment from this site. Carole B.

    hi carole. this is kiara's aunt jessica. she is not home from school yet but i will be sure and have her read the email later tonight. thank you for the advise. we were looking up different styles of eggs to get an idea on what to do with the two goose eggs we had. i put pinholes in each end of them to clean them out. then i used an organic cleaner on the inside (i had to use an extremely small straw to get it in there!). i think we should start off less elaborate than what kiara wants to do. i will discuss this with her. what type of paint should we use after we use the matte finish, or does it not matter? I like shiny extravagant types of colors should the finish coat be in nail polish. i did use it as a medium once as a child. after i painted it on my clay i baked it in the oven. it came out beautiful for my science project, but that was over twenty years ago. and we will definitely take up your advise and go to the craft store. i was thinking also at doll furniture, and wedding craft supplies to find embellishing for the eggs. is this a good idea? thank you for your time. my email address is jessica grant

    Wow, an egg cabinet with a bunch of lovely eggs inside... that's just too cute. I can't even imagine how delicate the work on the quail and finch eggs was. Amazing!

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    I always tell people that the key is to NEVER forget that you are working on an eggshell that is as thin as paper, almost. Finch eggs are not at all forgiving, and quail eggs are about the same in my opinion. Thanks. It was a delightful egg to make.

    Thank you pmbalice. I am thrilled that this slideshow is one of your favorites too. I love these eggs, and they show what you can learn by taking classes from egg art teachers. I credited Joan Huff, Dot Cannon and Sally LeVan with teaching me these three wonderful techniques: the lighted cabinet, the one bead at a time shell design, and the drop doors with the floral inserts in the goose egg. I have taken classes from many excellent teachers over the past 25 years, and I can honestly say I am delighted with every class I ever took. I simply ran out of time to take photos and post them to this site by the deadline. I always like to give credit to the people who taught me. I am now able to pass things that I have learned on to others with my designs. I am delighted that today my supplies to complete the interpretation of the Danish Palace egg arrived, so I am eager to resume work on it, but I must complete the eggs that I have promised to donate to several charity auctions in the upcoming weeks, but I also feel that I must respond to the nice comments such as yours. Thank you for taking the time to visit the slideshow and to post such a nice comment. Carole B.

    Your egg that is in the final is one of my faverites.

    Thanks for visiting the contest site Rob. I thought you would enjoy seeing the eggs. Carole B.

    I've been a fan of Carol's eggs for a long time and proudly display a few. Have even commissioned one but certainly nothing as fancy as her Faberge-style collection. They are fabulous.

    Carole B, I love your beautiful eggs! Of all of the ones in the Forbe's Contest, YOUR work is in actual Faberge Style. The other artists have also done well, but YOURS stand out as true Faberge Eggs. I love the blue pine cone egg, the cabinet of mini eggs, and I especially love the Lily of the Valley Egg! You are a very talented artist and I hope you win the contest. Best wishes! D.G.

    OH I AM SO DELIGHTED that you have two Finalists Carole B. I just adore your work, and I wish with all my heart that you will be a winner or I should say, I hope that you are the one chosen for the Forbes are just a fantastic egg artist. Good Luck I'll keep checking this site to see if you win.

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    Thank you, Connie. I truly appreciate your enthusiasm for my egg art. Carole B.

    I am delighted that this egg is a Finalist. It was so much fun to make.

    Thank you. I was just getting ready to tell you that I am fascinated with your ARt Nouveu Egg and clicked on it and lost my comment. I love the ribbon work on all of the egg you have shown, but the colors in "Art Nouveu" really draw me to it. Very Lovely. Best Wishes in the "contest." Carole B.