My Triumphs, My Mistakes - by Gaius Baltar (aka - Make a Simple Note Book)





Introduction: My Triumphs, My Mistakes - by Gaius Baltar (aka - Make a Simple Note Book)

FUNGUS - SPOILER. (he is only on season 2)

Ok, im a massive fan of the new Battlestar Galactica, and this is one of the few BSG related ibles im going to be doing/have done.

So, i was browsing the interwebnets looking for some BSG props, and i stumbled across a image file for the front cover of the book : My Triumphs, My Mistakes - by Gaius Baltar,

I decided to make a 'prop' version of it, that i could use as a notebook of sorts.

Firstly, thanks go out to Grant Gould, whom has given me permission to use his image.

His website can be found here - If you could go check out his site, that would be great! He has some cool stuff on there!

So, here we go, not a massive -ible, but great for making a nice simple notebook, even better if your a BSG fan!

(ps, find below the PDF of the front, complete with tick marks)

Step 1: Cutting Out the Cover!


Firstly, you need to cut out the cover, do this by firstly cutting the corners, using the tick marks. Dont cut the hole corner off, just cut from one mark to the other.

Now cut each side, again, don't take the whole side off, leave a little bit either end, this keeps the ticks in place for the other cuts.

Now using the cover as a size guide, cut out how ever many pages you fancy, anything more than 80 sheets, and you will struggle later though.

Finally, using the cover as a guide again, mark, and remove the corners of the sheets.

Step 2: Binding Time!

Ok, this is the simplest bit, but also the bit that makes this -ible so good.

We want the pages and cover to all be joined, simple solution, Industrial. Staple. Gun.

Line up all the pages (doesn't need to be too neat) Put the book ontop of some thing soft, either card, or wood.
Push down on the top of the staple gun, right above where the staples come out, and slowly press the trigger, and BANG.

Repeat as required.

Peel the book off the wood/card, and bend the staples over to hold it all in place (take note of your book depth and staple length before stapling)

Step 3: Finish It Off

In the series the Book was printed on the cheap/black market. So take a tool of some kind, some pliers or a knife, and run it down the edges to mess things up.

Bend it, screw it up, what ever.

I suggest feeding it to Sunbanks dogs, as they seem to chew everything!

Thanks it, i think i did a good job.




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    WOOO! someone did all the work for me! thank you Instructable User!!


    This is one awesome ible! I've already made one, and got surprised that octagonal shape is actually quite practical :D

    who is Gaius Baltar?

    lior is correct the pic of baltar has been replaced by some other images. If it is at all possible to replace with correct pic it would be apperiacated. thanks in advance. Mike Psyche

    If you read the ible, you can see that the artwork was a reproduction created by someone else.

    Yes I understand that it was created by Grant Gould. (Am a big fan of his also) All I'm saying is that particular picture is no longer in the Pdf file. It's been replaced by little weather icons pix. I was just asking if that picture of Baltar has been pulled or can you restore it. Let me know Mike


    This is GREAT! I love it! only one question- couldn't find the pic on the site you linked.. where is it? (tough, I did waste 2 hours of my life reading random posts from his blog, bsg blog, and so on..)

    The cover is actually in step one of this -ible, as a .pdf file.


    any chance of reading more BSG- ibles from you soon?