My Tube Amplifier.





Introduction: My Tube Amplifier.

Tube amplifier cost is not over 200€.
You need to buy lamps , I found from ebay Ucranian cheap from old stock ,
It uses 3 Preamps , two for aux and plus one for phono input , two pairs of el84 are amplifies 2X7 watt rms. class A.
Transformers I bought from a local manufacturer.
All other components found it from scrap.

Step 1: Deco.

A plastic base from a broken audio system can be the top. I placed the critical parts for the best view above.

Step 2: Handmade.

Everything you need are welding skills and patience.I also add equalizer with three pots in the middle front.

Step 3: Extra Features.

Inside the shell of broken audio system made the volume meter with some led lights , all power for extras get it from a dvd player supply pcb. 5v,12v.
The power tranformer for the lamps are outside, 220v - 220v. 250 watt.
I worked with it almost 4 monthes to finish it , to get the best of it you need knowledge from someone old technician who workes with amps in the past.



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Hi, does anyone have the schematics of the circuit of this amp? Thanks

I am a Blues Harp player/songwriter can this be made to fit into a Cigar Box? Yeah I'm serious check here; Good job, nicely done, I been through Tube Amps, audio, guitar, and Harp. Solid State, may be louder but, loses warmth and toner!

This is stereo, for guitar u need mono thats means the half size but the real problem is that you need space and air to keep the lamps and tranformers cool.perhaps it could get inside a cigar box but doublethe height.

Fully agree with stumitch's coments.

Nice job, well done, but this is not an instructable.

The information is absolutely useless for the rest of the people

It is a lovely amp. Well made and I am sure it sounds great. My only criticism is that Instructables is about providing the info to allow others to build something. If you could post a detailed process or schematic this would be an excellent 'ible and I would build it for sure!

I would make this simply for its looks alone

Very nice build! I love the fact that you made the wiring like it was back in the 60's! Good job!

I'd like ti hear how it sounds as well. Do a video with your phone and post it here, please. Great work.

Great project ! ! ! Great layout ! ! !

How does it sound ???

Perhaps a better schematic layout would be helpful.