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Hi I'm Max. I'm 14 years old and live in the Netherlands in Europe.
This is my USB-ZIPPO. Watch the notes on the 3 first pages for a better explanation.

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monkey02 made it! (author)2016-05-31

I tried to spare hinge but it brake and ended to use manet.

maxievr (author)monkey022016-06-01

Looks awesome! Great job

inhaos (author)2011-05-05

brilliant idea.
but i don't really see your step
draw a schematic~~~

and here is something may help you.
good luck

Kiteman (author)2011-03-26


You can't go - you have so many questions to answer, like what are the magnets for? Why is a Dutch project decorated with a British coin?

You should publish a step-by-step version of this, so that others can follow your lead more easily.

maxievr (author)Kiteman2011-03-26

OMG. Yea I forgot! The magnets are for closing the zippo. on each part must glue one. On the first picture you can maybe see it. And that coin... I like that coin :D. I found it in my room and Euro coins are verry ugly so i thought I take that British one.

Kiteman (author)maxievr2011-03-26

You definitely need to do a step-by-step.

maxievr (author)Kiteman2011-03-27

But then I cant win the photocontest :p

Kiteman (author)maxievr2011-03-27

I didn't mean delete this one - you can publish both.

maxievr (author)Kiteman2011-03-27

Ok I gonna do that

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Bio: I'm a Dutch 16 year old guy. Gaming and Film-making is my passion. I like watching movies a lot too.
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