Hello people !

So this is the picture of my VGN 014 ( see the other draw of the system of this gun ) . The last very small problem with this gun are finish , so this is the last version of this great gun . 


- Full auto
- True trigger
- Small and compact
- Big magazine
- Removable small magazine


Trigger is a bit hard
- Not very powerful , or you must add a lot of rubberbands if you want 

The gun after VGN 014 is the FRMG 002 , my machine gun with true trigger and removable magazine . There is a lot of problems in the system , but I will post it very soon . So wait for ! The VGN - 013 , the semi-auto , coming after the FRMG 002 .

See you my next gun !

 - Guiguivinvin -

<p>I want to see a firing video</p>
i'm pretty sure it ain't having a full auto pin
awsome gun quit wird
Sorry I don't will post it .
Nice gun!
is this like a burst gun? i dont see how you can control the full auto
Nice concept! The gun looks kinda weird...

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