My Version of "The Reliable" With Internals





Introduction: My Version of "The Reliable" With Internals

This is my version of "The Reliable" (R3) originally produced by The Red Book of Westmarch. I would have to say that the title matches the gun, except for the magazine always falling out. So to fix this, I have added a magazine lock on it pictured in pic #4. Another downside was that the magazine is not preload-able. I do not have a picture of that but I have implemented it. Another bad thing about it is that it uses several broken/cut parts. I have removed all of them and built replacements. I also added custom sights. Look in the sixth picture and notice where I have placed the row of yellow connectors, it is higher up than originally. I have a completely different stock, and handle. I have extended the stock and the extended barrel. I also have added a foregrip.



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    You put the only missing features in a great knex gun, amazing! Internals?

    For more mods/missing features you can check out mine! Also, great mods man. I like the foregrip and extended stock. I would have liked to extend mine too but I never got around to it.

    thanks, I have checked out yours and I like it but prefer a bigger gun. But that's just my opinion =D

    Thanks! Yeah I could put up some internals this weekend.

    Looks nice man

    Your welcome

    swore somebody asked for internals whatever they're up anyways