Picture of My Vertical Shoe Rack

Good news everyone,

My friend  always complained that she needed a better shoe rack. It's not that you can't buy it, but the ones you see on the market are really limited (maybe I am just too picky). LOL

There are a lot of good projects online and after some research I chose one and decided to make some improvements on it.

For credit purposes this is where I got the guidelines to build mine from:

You have to understand that their project is really easy and, with some extra work, looks really good. My issue with it resides in the fact that I wanted to take the most out of the space we have and 3 shelves just didn't do it.

Thank you for looking and I hope you guys enjoy, and don't forget to rate it :)  !!!

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Step 1: Acknowledgment

I also would like to apologize in advance, during the process I ended up making 2 shoe racks, with different materials and sizes. All the measures I will provide here refer to my second one, stronger, proper, etc; either way you can adapt accordingly with your needs.

thank you !


Step 2: Materials - It cant get any simpler :)

We need basically 4 types of wood:

2" X 2" Poplar (really cheap and easy to paint and the real size its really 1"1/2 X 1"1/2);
2" X 1" Poplar (again);
3/8" Dowel (pegs);
1/2" Dowel (Crossbar);
Wood glue (extra but I highly recommend).

For tools we need:

Drill Bits (3/8 and 1/2);
Clamps (optional, but again....);
Patience (LOL).

That's it, as I said it can't get any simpler :)

Step 3: The design

Picture of The design

Here you have the drawings, showing what we are going to build.

Step 4: Let's make some cuts !!!

Picture of Let's make some cuts !!!

I had a very specific need regarding height and width, you can adapt thes measures according to your need. The case and the rails should remain the same.

This is how I cut my wood:

Uprights:  46" (4X);
Feet: 12" (2X);
Rails: 5" (4X);
Pegs: 3" X 3/8" Dowel (16X);
Crossbar: 24" X 1/2" dowel (14X).

awesome shoe racks, very nice instructable