Step 9: Assembling the Uprights - Part 5: Installing the Base (cont.)

Once the base is set it's time to drill the holes for the pegs. At the bottom we are going to have 2 pegs to each upright, this way the uprights won't "twist". We are doing the same as before: mark the places you want to drill, drill using the 3/8" drill bit, put some glue inside the hole and, finally, install the peg.

Something I learned: if you put too much glue in the hole when you install the peg you might create too much pressure, because of the tight fit, the glue might come out somewhere. Pay attention and be careful. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to show you, but it happens to me too.
<p>I'm curious whether other shoes get knocked out of place when removing the high heeled shoes since you have to lift the backs up to remove them?</p>
awesome shoe racks, very nice instructable

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