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Introduction: My Wannabe Workshop

just take a look at these photos. now isn't that a beautiful workshop! that's what i see. look beyond the clutter and junk. when i clear this place out and seal/paint the floors, i'll be ready to set up my shop. the $$ i win from this contest will enable me to follow my dream of helping re-cycle materials. i'll repair/refurbish battery powered scooters and bikes. also gas engine powered bicycles and electric lawn mowers, both cordless and cord.the non usable materials such as batteries,cords,metal parts,etc. will be taken to the proper recycling place. i'll create quality items made from quality materials brought from start to finish with the fine Craftsman Tool line. by the time i receive my winnings i'll have the shop ready for set up. thank you for the opportunity. thanx. jim



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You should invest in a shed to put most of that in :) Nice slide show 5 stars

Thanks Ghost Wolf. I've sold, repaired or recycled much of the stuff that was in my garage. Actual WorkShop not yet completed. I sell some items, repair some items and donate some items where needed. I get lottsa help,info and ideas from Instructables and all you good folks that are participating in this Website.

Glad to help! anything I can dig up for you? Like storing tools or helpful shop organizer?