Picture of My Wine Rack
Good news everyone,

Remember my friend, the one who ask me to build her a shoe rack:

Well, she was complaining about not having a proper space to keep her wine so she ask me if I could help. After some consideration we both agreed that the space under her dining table was a good place to keep her wine.

Thank you for looking and I hope you guys enjoy, and don't forget to rate it :) !!!
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Step 2: Design

Picture of Design
I'm no woodworker, I'm really curious and not afraid to try and make mistakes. This project its pretty simple: 3 shelves supported by 4 uprights with some cushion for the bottles. 

Another thing I would like to learn is how to draw properly. LOL

I had for useful space under the table a "cube" measuring 15"H X 16"W X 14"D ,
so I end up building the rack with 14"H X 161/2"W X 7"D
jensenr303 years ago
That wine rack looks pretty pro.
pcapelo (author)  jensenr303 years ago
Thank you very much.

I still working on it. I will post more pictures later.

I got some wood filling to cover the holes and I am testing some stains to match the table's color.