Introduction: My Working (well, Closer Than Anyone Else's I Think) Time-Machine

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This is , well, not exactly an instructable as i am not implying that I or anyone else is going to / has / or will soon build one and yes , some of it is based on theorey. I have tried to make it as technical as possible though . And also it is just a sort of box with all the bits in so as long as whatever it is has ram-jets attached (i'll explain later) it is compatible .

See what you think . REMEMBER - Just a bit of fun, does not need constructive critiscism just your opinion .

Below: Marty McFly with the Flux Capacitor.

As for the physics and theories... this isnt some smartass A-level student. I am 14. When i thought this up i was 11. I have deliberately kept it unchanged. Keep it in mind as you look.

Step 1: The Theory - What I Can't Prove.

Picture of The Theory - What I Can't Prove.

Right. This is the stuff that msut be taken for granted.

Imagine a void, something like the concept of the space-time vortex in Dr. Who. A place outisde space and time. It would be a tube shape but would be cyclical - keep going round . So a doughnut shape. Ever heard the old time-travel theorey? Get a black hole, bend it in a doughnut , put a tube in the middle and run down at the speed of light? Well this also uses doughnuts - the shape concentrates forces in the centre. In my theorey, these concentrated forces made the univeres inside and around it, especially inside. The idea is that you can go from place/time to place/time by going into the void, going to a 'window' (the other side of the void) to another part of reality and then break out again. There is no matter or antimatter in the void. But you/matter is attracted to othermatter/the universe , so... getting out is easy. Getting in ... hard. To do so you must break a hole in the wall of the void, a hole in space and time. As the matter and nothingness repell the leak seals instantly after.

Below : Picture of black hole with something that scientists have noticed but don't know what it is around it.

Now to break a hole in spacetime you will need 2 things. To go very fast, nearing the speed of light where time starts to bend. And to react matter with antimatter. Now 2 problems occur . Man has never gone so fast and there is no antimatter around - it instantly reacts with matter. You can't make a container for it - it will react with the matter of the container. So you have to make the antimatter yourself.

To solve the problems of breaking through spacetime see the next step.

Step 2: The Time-Engine ... the Equivalent of the Flux Capacitor

Picture of The Time-Engine ... the Equivalent of the Flux Capacitor

Now this is a diagram made on MS Paint. The numbers are colour coded like the substances - those are not their actual colours, but this should make them clearer. They go left to right - outside to inside also.

1. Diamond. The strongest naturally occuring substance in existence.

2.ACNR (Aggregated Carbon NanoRods). Diamonds that have been made 10 times as strong by scientists using extra pressure and heat. Scrathes a diamond easy , way over 10 on Mohs Sacle.

3. (Black background for '3' is to make it clearer) Steel. Good old steel.

4.Polycarbonate. Carbon that has been chemically treated in a special way to... in fact i can't remeber what it is. But it's very strong and unreactive sort of plastic-y stuff.

5.'Tit-Tant' alloy. This is an alloy that contains mixtures of titanium, tungsten and tantalum. TITanium-TANTalum. These metals are very strong, unreactive, uncorrosive (same thing), and have extremely high melting temperatures. Tungsten is used in light bulbs, tantalum in skull plates and titanium in ... great stuff. The only metal to survive on Venus for some time when we put it there.

6. Heavy duty electric cabling. To carry several gigawatts of electricity.

7. Carbon. The most straightforward element - in a sense. Hydrogen technically but you know what i mean.

Now, matter consists of positive protons and nuetral nuetrons orbited by negative elctrons - antimatter is the opposite. I thought that maybe with huge amounts of electricity, you could reverse the atom's charge and make it into antimatter. The reason that all these practically indestructible things are there is to cushion the explosion and to slow the reaction - even though they are matter, they are still unreactive and strong matter.

This rips a hole in space. I hope.

Step 3: Ripping a Hole in Time - Ram Jets.

Picture of Ripping a Hole in Time - Ram Jets.

I'd like you to meet my good friend , the SR-71. Put together by Lockheed. But you'll know it by a different name; it goes by the title of 'Blackbird'It went at Mach3 in test runs and is the fastest plane on earth. Built in the '60s. Look at the engines.

They are ram-jets. A special kind of jet engine. The jet engine in it gets you up to a certain speed but after that, when it's going flat out, only 20% of the thrust is being produced by the engines. The other 80% comes from the air - how? From a certain speed, air is simply pusched towards the combustion chamber by the massive intakes and ignited. The faster you go, the more air you intake, so you go faster, so you intake more air so you go faster... You get the idea. It can go at phenomenal speeds.

The fastest way to go on earth ... you get the picture.Or use it in space. If you want to use it in space, then you could use a solar sail. In fact, probably best to use in space - an antimatter explosion could do untold damage. How these work. You get a sheet of reflective heat-resistant material and strap it to a satellite. Photons and their energy from the Sun constantly push against it as they reflect, and they can go to 1/10th the speed of light or 18,628.2397 miles per second - see Wikipedia. Spacecraft re-entry is the fastest moving humans but thats ony about the the same no. of miles per HOUR not second.

Step 4: That's All, Folks !

So that's it. You go very fast and make the antimatter . You go into the void and out again into the right part of reality. Think what you want of it.


GLaDOS_ made it! (author)2015-10-24

I mAdE An AwEsOME TiME MAcHinE SAdLy It DoES noT wORk Yet

Fin the human (author)2015-08-10

yes!! make time travel I need to fix stuff :|

nreed4 (author)2013-11-08

You can contain antimatter. You just need a magnetic containment ring. Just ask Fermilab. Also, you can travel (one way) into the future just by using the time dilation effect that happens when you approach the speed of light. By the way, I am also 14.

spya (author)2011-07-29

Also time travel would be impossible because since you only can travel forward in time you would get there but since the time hasn't happened yet your body wouldn't be there so as soon as you travel you would disintegrate or something(because your atoms{what you and everything is made off} wouldn't exist there so that = death!)If you get what I mean.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)2009-01-23

You know how in all the movies like Back to the Future how they go into the future. To my very limited knowledge (in fact, none of this is based on fact, pure common sense and speculation) going forward in time would be impossible because, simply, there is no future. This may not be true but I also thought it up when I was 11. The future is nothing until it becomes the present. Therefore, you would always only be able to travel to the past and, after this, you would have to stay there for the rest of your life. This is a factor overlooked by naive people who try to make time machines out of a cordboard box and a Sharpie or people who actually know what they are doing. This will also complicate matters even further because you will need multiple time machines, and if it costs billions of dollars, too bad. This will make time travel usefull in lots of situations, but only able to be used at a dire situation. Time travel is a long way away, but hopefully most of the kinks will have been worked out. But even after that, remember: NO GOING TO THE FUTURE!

Bartboy (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-03-07

My time machine works.

I want a time machine too! I just need it a second! I have to go back, and knock myself unconscious just before my first wedding! Drag myself to the machine, and travel to today to leave myself a note to remind me that I must tell you that I want a time machine too! Oh....wait.....LOL

Sorry, only goes forward.

Doctor Freeman (author)Bartboy2010-09-08

if it olny goes forward how are you here to prove it hmm..... what year did you come from?

thebair (author)Doctor Freeman2010-10-27

i bet he wrote that when he was in the future cuz this would be from the past so he could read it from the future

If it only goes forward, does that mean once to travel to the future, you can't return to this time? Well, what a dumb question...of course that's what it means. Well, at least I tried.

but then because of the paradox you'd have to kill yourself

ILIKEPIE333 (author)Bartboy2009-03-08

amazing! make me one!

Bartboy (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-03-10

It's huge. Like, HUGE!

ILIKEPIE333 (author)Bartboy2009-03-11

I dont care! I WANT IT!!!

Bartboy (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-03-11

It would cost about 2000$, and I am not offering refunds.
The *technoligy* behind it is classified, all I tell you is you can only go forward, and no coming back.

Doctor Freeman (author)Bartboy2010-09-08

Can't even spell technology right. Wow i wouldn't trust him to make me a time machine. (here is an example " year 3000 please" destination set. approaching year 1,000,000,000 "NO! NO! NO!") Boom your dead

Bartboy (author)Doctor Freeman2010-09-08

I think it's funny because you still don't get it.

Doctor Freeman (author)Bartboy2010-09-09

i know its a joke....(now. hey, who said that? see? i can be funny but um......... oh &^%@ im still in the parenthaceses) (lol) (look im 11 6th gread just started like a week ago and normally i get all A's except for last year. lets just say two of the teachers where &^#@%) (when will this end) (one said your son is disorginized....but then coulden't find my grades. lol.) see all the things in the paraentices all the jokes lol

Bartboy (author)Doctor Freeman2010-09-11

haha, no, my idea for a time machine would work perfectly. It only goes into the future, if you try to go too far into the future it might kill you, and it's really cheap to build.

Doctor Freeman (author)Bartboy2010-09-12

no because the future has not been made but what i said before is complacted because your from the future it has alredy been made in the space time continueum (look kids its the new time machine if you try to go too far into the future it might kill you, and it's really cheap to build,and its fun to commit suiside free of pain buy it today for only 1,999.95 (and you call that cheap 3,000,000,000 pounds of crack would be cheaper (by the dozen) id know cuz i play gta china town (well, used to. sold it for...lets not get off topic here. but really i sold it for ps2 i had 10,000,000,000 dollars because of cheats all of the best guns (cheat again) and every house and the best cars (the f1 was awesome) (did i mention i had a tank cuz i did) completed all of the mini missions (like the crazy woman that was going to die) last but not least got all the wa to the x-zen missions after getting the statues)

grade lol

ILIKEPIE333 (author)Bartboy2009-03-11

remember, going forward is IMPOSSIBLE! plus, $2000 is a rip off on your part, in other words, youre practically giving it to me! plus, the government of the US or China would find out eventually so HA!

Bartboy (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-03-11

Oh really? My time machine CAN go forwards. 2000$ is actually enough to cover the labor. The materials vary, how strong do you want it? The stronger it is, the further into the future it can go.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)Bartboy2009-03-12

ultra strong, but its still a steal DEAL!

Bartboy (author)ILIKEPIE3332009-03-12

Are you sure? Ill sell you the design planes for 10$! I don't wanna go through shipping and stuff.

ILIKEPIE333 (author)Bartboy2009-03-15

theres some money I actually have!

But...If we went into the past...and told someone. . .where would we say we came from. . .if the future does not exist?

Bigger Issue, if the future doesn't exist, what do you return to since that would be the pasts future

Good point. Once you've gone back, then the point in time of arrival becomees the present. So, "present A" is say 2009, and "present B" is 1809. . .If we travel from A to B. . .and the theory that the future does not exist. . .then once we arrive in 1809, with the future not existing, we can't say we're from something that doesn't exist. If ILIKEPIE's theory were correct. . .then there would be no time travel at all. . .for we can't travel to something that wouldn't exist. . .nor could we travel FROM something that wouldn't exist. The true paradox is this. . .I am married to a beautiful redhead who with the body of an angel. . . .why am I even writing this!? Ha ha. . .seriously. . .good point though, X! Sounds like you might some theories of your own about temporal mechanix?

5th element much lol

I follow steven Kings theory of time can go back, but only a day, and nothing will be there, and everything will be flat and stale, and if you don't leave before that day is up you'll be eaten

Yes, The Langoliers! Actually, I remember seeing it that way too. It just made sense. I guess a problem I have is not sticking to one theory. Well, I suppose I do. . .and that theory is simply that time is a concept created by people to justify the passing of events. Time as a fabric or tangible substance sometimes is an acceptable belief, other times, lol, it is not. Sometimes, I think that if we simply remember an event, for a brief moment, we're transported "there". I believe that time travel is possible. On paper macro wormholes may just open small molecular(sp) portals through that "fabric", however, I also believe that an evolution of the mind is the key to "travel". Then again, for all I know, the ufos and aliens that people are seeing today are simply our future selves "coming back" to this time to observe history in the making. Once we accept that the limitations to our abilities are not as restricting as we were told, we will begin to unfold those things that are/were mysteries to the mind. It will be like seeing again for the first time. "Never underestimate the sin of turning one's back to time".

first, thank you for acknowleging me and my theory
Second, I agree with you that time is not such a solid thing. Time is something made up by people to justify the passing of events as you put it. There is no time, it is not a natural thing. Therefor time travel might be completely impossible. (for us, at least) That would suck, and it kind of contradicts some of the things you and I said. Time is like a fabric, but an extremely strong fabric that cannot be torn by anything we, meaning humans, can produce.(if we could actually time travel) If you look at the sun, does it rip through time? (this might not matter, but the sun has much power) The answer: No. (It could, but we cant see it) This means that we would have to make more power than the most powerful star or immense sucking power like a black hole (if the theories are correct). This theory has many variables, and I have condensed it partly because of the space limitations, and partly because I am a horrible writer and cannot think of anything else.( I am a 13 year old thinking this up off the top of my head, so this may be extremely wrong, but I wouldnt know.) I have lots of theories yet to think up! Look for more of them in the not too distant future. (just dont try to cheat by trying to use a time machine, because it is impossible!)

Then why do they keep observing redneck farmers?

hahahahaha! Good question! LOL Maybe redneck farmers hold some key to saving humanity? LOL It's always some guys fishing, hunting, or "mendin' a fence" who have the best stories! We should start a campaign to supply drunk fishermen and farmers with video cameras to finally get proof! DISCLAIMER * To all concerned: Neither Xaviorbat or tnj0201 indicate, or attempt to imply, that fishermen, farmers, or farmers who either are or intend to become, a fisherman, or fishermen who farm or hunt, or hunt fish on farms are alcoholics. We believe that in the spirit of the "be nice" policy, and in the spirit of general good will towards all, it is important to state that the above mentioned are important, founding assets to and of our country. We strongly protest ANY type of character profiling! Sound okay?

our future not the past's future which is our present

but if you travel to the past with the time machine the future has already been made so you can go back bacause you a made of particles from the future (wait that complacates things further because if its already been made in the preasent then.....

bighead5454 (author)2010-07-20

actually you could make a container for antimatter if we only found the technology for force fields since force fields arent matter they could touch the anti-matter. This could also be used to create a bomb. (the forcefields go out when a timer hits 0

if anti-matter touches real matter that turns into anti-matter and that and that and that.......... so if the bomb touched earth we'd all be gone poof no more anything but aliens 

it does turn the matter into anti-matter but it also creates an explosion of pure energy nukes use about 2-5% of the energy they create not imagine something that uses about 50-20 times as much energy that would be like dropping about twenty nukes in the same area it would like you said destroy the earth but any remaining pieces would be melted to glass from the heat of such an explosion

not if the anti matter was involved it be gone

bighead5454 (author)2009-06-25

hey i want to say a friend and mines theroy. we believe that there might be other universes that are so screwed up that they are exactly like our universe cept the are different in one thing. the are either in the future or the pst and we believe that if we devised a machine that goes faster than the speed of light that we could jet into a blackhole sort of tear another hole in that one then go to the other universe. i would call where that other hole leads sub-space because it would be between space and the space time continum. one drawback if we did do this and we met ourselves then time would collaspe and everything anywhere in another universe or the same would vanish. not the most complicated but no so simple

black hole are supposed to lead to white holes

uncle mo (author)2009-09-12

Nothing with mass can travel at, or anywhere near, the speed of light, "c". The only thing we are aware of that travels at c is, of course, light itself. Some recent experiments indicated what they termed superluminal velocity (faster-than-light light). The experiment(s) passed one emmission of light energy through a chamber of pure cesium gas and another simultaneous and parrallel emmission outside the chamber to a receiver. Measurements of the reception of the emmissions suggested not only that the pulses that passed through the cesium chamber were received before the pulse that did not, but that the cesium pulse was received in its totality before it could possibly (from our reference frame) have completed its journey across the space between the transmitter and receiver. Did this pulse travel back in time?

I believe these "findings" are currently held to be in error due to computational/observational error, but it got me looking at time "travel" differently. It is solid fact that time slows with speed or intense gravity. If I'm remembering correctly, it stops at exactly 'c' or at the event horizon of a black hole. This establishes the measurable trend and marks the point at which I stop citing from things proven and and simply imagine the possible implications.

Could Einstein be slightly wrong about this universe's speed limit? Could light maybe be pushed beyond? If so, would the already measureable trend in time dilation continue...might time reverse? Don't we already carry information with light? Could we someday transmit light encoded with information, including a past time-stamp, through a cesium loop that incorporates a fast enough processor to sustain the energy of the pulse while considering the time stamp against its temporal destination? The instant you applied power to the first working unit, wouldn't the "inbox" be full of messages from the future? Would the first t-mail say, "Mr. Watson, come here. I need you," or what?

Doctor Freeman (author)uncle mo2010-08-27

1. if it has no mass it doesn't exzist because everything is made out of atoms. 2. objects can travel at the speed of light but not faster because when a black hole dies all it sucked up is sent out at light/near light speed 3. me a 12 year old asks whats "c" 4. i know all this off hand.

THRE3 (author)2010-07-11

Diamond is not the "strongest naturally occuring substance in existence." It is the hardest. hardness meaning the surface can not be scratched. Diamond is a rather weak substance and is easily broken. It is a crystal and will break into (I may not remember this correctly) 8 perfect pieces when enough pressure is applied in the right place.

GeekBeam (author)2010-06-30

thought, if you were to reach a dimension of nowhere and nowhen then how are you gonna stop all of somewhere and somewhen from going with you into that void, space isn't completely empty, it may be the closest thing to an absolute vacuum, but an absolute vacuum would be a place of absolutely nothing, not a single particle of existence anywhere. doesn't a vacuum want to equalize with all the, MATTER around it? if so then would that make the void something that you would want to stay away from? I admit that the anti-matter being there would undoubtedly help with that but your explanation of it going into a VOID isn't correct, what anti-matter does is more along the lines of, yes repel regular matter, if you direct the anti matter into a sphere around some regular matter you would create a black hole. now that we have explored the regular implications of anti/regular matter, we move into how anti matter can move us through time,or rather backwards in it. antimatter can slow down light it acts partly like a particle, the other 'partly' is it acting like radiation, but let's get back to the point. since light acts like a particle the same rule apply, to a point of course since it doesn't act completely like a particle, thus antimatter can do it's work on light, if we place the anti matter around an indestructable light source (indestructable in this case meaning that it can't be destroyed by anything, AT ALL, we can repel light to the point that it visibly slows down, then all we would need to do is go faster than that light, and we go back in time! antimatter also bends space, so if we gather enough of it we can technically rips a hole in space, not time though, THAT would require amounts the size of earth ten times over. if we "rip" a hole in space in two places at the exact same time then it will automatically connect them , if not then we'll need a machine to direct it into doing that. rymndgeekyguy

lesterk8 (author)2010-01-03

that makes no sence!.. how do you take/draw a picture of "black hole" if all light travels towards it, no light is reflected from it.. which makes it... well... unseeable... am i wrong?

mad magoo (author)lesterk82010-05-03

                You're right technically.  Black holes absorb everything that gets close enough, and even light is not immune.  So the black hole itself is invisible.  However, black holes draw so much matter around them and cause so much heat in the process (friction among the particles as they orbit) that a lot of light is given off.  It's kind of like filling a pool, dumping a bunch of black dye into it, and then draining it:  though you can't see the drain itself because of the black dye, you can get a pretty good idea of where it is by how and where the water flows.

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