Picture of My Workshop
Thought some of you might like to see my workshop I built about 9 years ago, it was featured on the One show and something else that I've forgotten now!  Thanks for looking.  I've got some build-up photos somewhere I'll post if I can find them as I did an articleabout it for Practical Woodworking.
jeffman537711 months ago
Nice but really wanted to see more pics :(

I would very much like to have the plans for your shop so that I could build one too. Are they available?

wolfgang641 year ago
I would love to see more pictures! and nicely done
legoyzueta1 year ago
Please do post directions. I am looking for a writing studio. Thank you
nerd74731 year ago
looks great
babeh20111 year ago
Watta wonderful workplace. I bet u can work there for hour and hour without boring. Best regards from indonesia.
temper2 years ago
Very nice, if you have more detailed photos please post them.