My Workshop/ Lab (2012)


Introduction: My Workshop/ Lab (2012)

About: Hi I'm Angelo! I am a college student taking my engineering majors in BS-EE/ BS-ECE at the DLSU. I use my course as an inspiration for making my current projects! I've been posting projects here ever since I...

Here are some pictures of my lab where I do most of my electronic projects. I also labeled them with info. Most of metal, plastic and woodworking are done outside our house, in a separate shed. I posted this guide, since it could help and inspire people in cleaning their rooms, having a better access to their stock parts. 

I reorganized my indoor workshop at home, we've added some new mesh cabinets. Before, the room was a complete mess, after every two major projects, my room gets filled by a pile of junk. Now it's completely clean and organized. I changed my habits of returning things to their proper places. Right now, I'm trying to restock my parts, since they are almost running out. 

I hope this inspires you!



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    Thanks! :)) BTW, I reorganized my lab, this time its more professional compared to my previous one (this one)

    I'll be more than grateful if you can post an 'ible showing the new reorganized lab :D If you have time, please do. Thank you.

    This is an amazing lab. I have been hoping to do this in my room, but a little smaller

    You are a very impressive young man! Glad to see you're using your time constructively.

    Way more,organized than my set-up at at my room,Can't believe we're the same age

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    I went through all the pictures and am impressed by your setup.
    Two small points:
    1: You seem to be using only 2-Pin plugs, shift to 3-pin with an Earth pin
    2: Add a master switch that will switch off everything when you shutdown work.
    Happy Hobbying !

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    That's a great tip, although the standard issue plug in our country is the 2 pin type.
    Thanks though! :))