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About: Student studying Electrical Engineering

       This is my workspace, a corner in my basement where I can often be found tinkering and blaring Jack Johnson on my hacked-up radio.  It consists of an old and extremely large teachers desk, and a table-turned workbench.  In and on my desk I store the majority of my various parts and tools, as well as in my many toolboxes and containers that can be found around the area.  Here is where i tinker with just about anything electronic; you name it i've hacked it.  I also have a large collection of fishing lures which i repair and use, all of which I have scavenged over the past few years on the local beaches. Along with my fishing lures, about 90% of the electronic components i own and use in my projects have been repurposed from other electronics that were either dump finds, outdated, or broken but still useful for things other than their original purposes.
       In my desk i store my fishing fly-tying equipment, my pliers, wire cutters, and tin snips where they can be easily accessed. I also keep many other things in my desk as well, including tins for use as project boxes, computer fans, my Arduino, circuit boards that i plan on scavenging parts from, etcetera. 
       On my table i keep my toolbox, radio, power supply, fume extractor, and soldering pencil.  Under my table, i store my saftey goggles, Dremel, hot-melt glue gun, and soldering iron along with various tools and parts that i have stowed away for future use.

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    I am getting started with tinkering but its hard to find well priced tools and knowledge do you know any sites that are easy to understand and places that ship nice tools

    Where did you get, and how much was the fume extractor? Does it connect some how to the window?

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    My fume extractor is actually more of an air filter that takes the harmful fumes created by smoldering solder out of the air. It is made up of an 11W axial flow fan that sucks air through a couple of Weller carbon filters that i have mounted in front of it. I'm sure if you had a powerful enough fan you could create a fume extractor that you could hook up to a window, but mine does not. Overall, the cost of the extractor was the price i paid for the carbon filters since i had everything else laying around.
    If you're looking into building one of your own you can find the filters at

    That looks like quite the Frankenstein's lab in the making you got going for yourself there. I like it!

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    Thanks! And it sure is haha