My Workspace (contest Entry)





Introduction: My Workspace (contest Entry)

For all who are wondering, I based my table cover off of this 'ible here - Just enlarged it to my liking :)
Also I based my glowing mouse pad from here



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i like your mouse pad!! did you make or buy it. if you bought it can you tell me where?

I made it. Essentially there are retail versions (google glowing mouse pad), but I made mine of of the ible here. It was pretty good, except I think I got lucite (hard plexiglass) instead of acrylic, so it was pretty hard to cut. Also i had to fit it to my desk a little so I ground off the corners (that was for my old desk). Apparently I have a short, must've happened when I re-soldered the leds a few days ago. I made mine with some RGB LED's, so it could change to multiple colors, not it can do blue all the way, and bright red, but no green changes or mixing/dimming any colors but blue. Its actually blue-green though :)I have lots more info if you want so just ask.
Oh it cost about $20 to make, just FYI if you want a price estimate. I got the plastic in 3 sheets so I could make 3, so that was a little more $$ 

Hello, is there anyway I can buy one of these? I love yours and theres nothing like it on ebay

Well, sure, I would be happy to make you one! I'm sure that now I could probably pull off a higher quality job as well :) It's kind of a blast from the past to see these pics, I've definitely gotten a much more organized and larger workspace.

Maybe we could brainstorm a bit on construction techniques - the way I did this the zip ties stick out from the floppy's a bit and are prone to scratching the workbench or making it too easy to slide around. Gluing the floppys onto a substrate seems like a much better idea - perhaps onto a cork backing.

If you are serious about buying one, please contact me by message and I would be glad to discuss details with you. But of course I encourage you to make your own! :)

Thanks for reminding me about this project though - I think I'm going to get some more floppys and make some wall pixel art!

cool but does the mouse work since the pad is clear.

yeah, but only because its an old analog rolly-mouse thing. If you use a laser mouse it wont work unless you put some sort of dark fabric/material over it...