My World





Introduction: My World

Make a colourful, eye-catching wall installation

Step 1: ​Materials Needed

Paper strips in light blue, dark green and light green, yellow, orange and red

Quilling tool

Tracing paper

PVA glue

Map of the world (The larger the map the better detail you can achieve)

Step 2: Preparation

I cut each strip of paper to 3mm but you can buy precut strips. The length isn’t that important but I used 29.7mm pieces because I cut my strips from A4 paper.

Trace the outline of the countries you want from your map (If your map isn’t large enough you can scale it up first)

I traced each shape onto green paper and cut them out to make bases but you can skip this step and just glue each quilled piece to one another rather than to the base.

Step 3: ​Designing and Creating the Contents of the Countries

I started making the quilled shapes that I was already familiar with and then let my imagination run as I went on. Basic shapes can be found on the internet. The ones I have used are either tightly rolled strips or rolled strips that I loosen by letting go of them and then secure with PVA glue. To create other shapes I have picked the loosened rolled strips to create leaf and square shapes.

Once I was happy with the way I had arranged the pieces I started gluing them in place.

Step 4: Installing the Work Onto a Wall

Finally when the countries were completed I taped the original map to the wall and marked the corners of the map onto the wall with pencil so that the map could be put in the same position throughout the process of sticking my quilled work up so that I could check they were placed correctly.



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    This map using quilling looks superb and as you can use a real map as a base, you don't have to be good at drawing. Would make a great project for a class at school to decorate their wall. Thank you for sharing.

    yes, I think it would make a nice cross-curricular activity.

    changing the colours would fit any colour scheme. Like the idea of using my own quilling patterns to fill in the map.

    I think you are right and using youe own patterns makes it completly individual.

    Fantastic. Love this :)

    thank you Carol :)

    would love to see this on my own wall. I am going to buy a large map of the world and try it myself. Thank you.