My WristBow (homemade Crossbow, Wrist Mounted, With Laser-sight)


Introduction: My WristBow (homemade Crossbow, Wrist Mounted, With Laser-sight)



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    Ummm how do I do this? And what is it exactly?

    Where's the instructable?

    Might I say, huge fan of your works! I love your style and you make the coolest gadgets! 2 questions, 1. Im trying to make one of these to resemble Dauds off of the Dishonored DLC, I want to make it actually shoot, so what kind of metal should I use for the bow of it, and any suggestions for the string? 2. What do you suggest I use for the Locking mechanism to hold back & release the string while loading and firing it? Much appreciation if I can get an answer! :)


    its awesome, but you really should remember the purpose of instructables before you get mad at people asking for building instructions. thats kind of the whole point of the site. just sayin

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    Never planned losing my job and making gadgets full time. This is my last "instructable"...dont worry, no more confusion.

    thanks a lot for sharing this man, yes its very inspiring, I'm starting my preparedness and I believe what you made here is wonderful, I wish there was more details about how to put togther something similar and where is the best places to get those parts you used to assemble such a crossbow thank you once more.

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    Every part is handmade. Detailed instructions would fill a book.

    really cool trying to make my own....awesome wristbow

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    I saw this first in the latest issue of Popular Science. This has inspired me to make an attempt at a more medieval-styled hand crossbow, out of particle board. In any regard, thanks for the 'ible, and congrats on being featured in PopSci!

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    The latest issue? It was on the Feb 2012 2 magazines right here :)

    Glad somebody FINALLY took that as INSPIRATION, NOT asking for detailed plans.

    Bah. Slow mail combined with mental carelessness has resulted in all issues not older than a year being the "latest issue" for me. ;)
    In all honesty, I don't think that I'd find detailed plans all that useful. The basic mechanisms are all fairly visible (Don't get me wrong, your version is still gorgeously complex), and with a lot of MacGyvering someone could probably make a less sophisticated facsimile just by watching the parts interact in the video. The only tricky part would be the trigger mechanism, which you have handily provided a diagram for. have more as I had when I started.

    Can make on order given product?