Picture of My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration
RX is my best friend, I love it and crazy about it :-) . Once in a year i used to modify it, painting, alteration ete...and all it was done by mechanics. This time i wanted to know all about my RX, engine part, electrical etc... and engine also already ceased. Decided to restore it , downloaded Yamaha RX100 Workshop Manual and bought new tools.

And  started working in my home itself...

Step 1: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

Picture of My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration
There was noise when piston moves, so need to be re-bore it
1. Cranck / Drive Sprocket
2. Cylinder, Head, Piston
3. Head spark portion, Cylinder Inner Portion


Tell me sir,

Where did you get you new replacement parts for your Yamaha RX100 refurbishment?

Thanks for your help.