RX is my best friend, I love it and crazy about it :-) . Once in a year i used to modify it, painting, alteration ete...and all it was done by mechanics. This time i wanted to know all about my RX, engine part, electrical etc... and engine also already ceased. Decided to restore it , downloaded Yamaha RX100 Workshop Manual and bought new tools.

And  started working in my home itself...

Step 1: My YAMAHA RX100 Restoration

There was noise when piston moves, so need to be re-bore it
1. Cranck / Drive Sprocket
2. Cylinder, Head, Piston
3. Head spark portion, Cylinder Inner Portion

<p>Tell me sir,</p><p>Where did you get you new replacement parts for your Yamaha RX100 refurbishment?</p><p>Thanks for your help.</p><p>John</p>

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