My airsoft L96.

Well I have been getting into airsoft more recently and got an airsoft utg mk96. Its a very nice gun, it shoots 540 fps and weighs over 10 lbs. The paint on the action isn't the best but it works, also its a little bit front heavy. Some time I will need to post the accuracy when I have a good, nonwindy day to shoot. I plan to upgrade this gun over time but currently it has a 3-9x40 scope,custom sound amplifier, 6.01mm barrel, upgraded sears and the basic upgrade kit installed. The future upgrades I plan on doing are: Action army zero trigger,laylax piston, pdi hopup unit and a barrel for the hopup. I also plan on maybe getting the kjw 10/22.
Nice dude is the last pic an M1 carbine?
Johnhall44 (author)  BlackShadow121 year ago
Its a tacticool ruger 10/22 made by kjw that is around $240, I wish M1 carbines were that cheap.
Thats cool it sucks that it costs so much though
Johnhall44 (author)  BlackShadow121 year ago
ya,m1 carbines are around $390. The nice thing about the kjw 10/22 is that it can be put in a real ruger 10/22 stock which makes it even more awesome.
What's the shotgun? Looks similiar to the one I have...
Johnhall44 (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago
lol, it said your comment was posted -2 minuets ago. The black shotgun is a tri shot and the silver one is a crosman single shot.
is this from company Well?
Johnhall44 (author)  TheAwesomestDude1 year ago
oh ok i thought it looked like Well oh well(pun intended)
Johnhall44 (author)  TheAwesomestDude1 year ago
Well,they are basically the same thing with only some minor differences
oh ok i thought so
Johnhall44 (author)  TheAwesomestDude1 year ago
Well makes more varients, such as the folding stock mb08,unique adjustable stock mb05 and non adjustable stock mb04.
pretty nice gun you've got there
Johnhall44 (author)  TheAwesomestDude1 year ago
Thanks,more pics should be coming soon =D
Johnhall44 (author)  TheAwesomestDude1 year ago
pics are up.
Nice! What does it work on? Spring, gas, gas+spring?
Johnhall44 (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago
Okay. Is it hard to charge the gun, with its 540 FPS?
Johnhall44 (author)  dr. richtofen1 year ago
Once you get used to it's not that bad.
nice how much did this cost (US Dollars)?
Johnhall44 (author)  TheAwesomestDude1 year ago
$280 from airsoft gi.

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