My Airsoft M14. (update)





Introduction: My Airsoft M14. (update)

Well most of you may know that ive sold my knex a few weeks ago. ive got into airsoft lately and bought an ASG/KWA M14. overall its an excellent gun. it fires at 1 joule (328fps) and is very accurate. i still have to test the range of this gun and i will post a video when i get around to it. it features: semi/full auto, safety, 470 round magazines, adjustable rear and front sights, realistic cocking lever and has a nice wooden finish. it weighs 4kgs fully loaded and feels nice when you aim with it. i plan to upgrade this gun in the future by getting many things for it, such as: spare magazines, rail mount, scope, red dot sight, holographic sight, ACOG scope, higher quality battery, smart charger, bipod, and possibly a silencer, for the use of tracer BBs during night time skirmish games. im also getting the woodland clothing and other tactical equipment. i also hope to buy the KWA M1911 professional training pistol when i get the money. tell me what you think!



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    Let me get this strait... you sold all of your K'nex, to buy what is basically a B.B. gun?

    yes and i like airsoft, ive moved away from knex and its not just a BB gun...

    That was smart. (sarcasm sarcasm) Are you still on instructables?

    go away

    this is 4 years in the future, Um.. Sorry about the trolling.

    a 9 year old dosn't realize there is a person on the other side.

    Did you sell your knex!?

    thats awesome dude!!!!!, i just have a scope on mine

    i keep asking myself, what are those rubber thing son the mags? the scar-h in mw3 also has them ._.

    Their called Magpuls. search them on Ebay, they do them in 9mm, 7.62mm and 5.56mm :-)