My (attempted) Sidearm




Introduction: My (attempted) Sidearm

I've never tried a sidearm, so I did lol. I made it to tell TheDunkis that the angled mag is different from his, and because I got bored and angry at the Steyr Aug A1 mod.......Tell me what it looks like, cause I got no idea really.....
Oh, and this is the thingy for Viccie's pistol contest thingy, I guess....
The only reason this is a slideshow is because the forum creator was being a noob.
I can't seem to insert captions, so here it goes.
1. No slide(ewww fugly....)
2. Smaller slide of the two.
3. Larger and cooler slide(Knexguy, it's this one I was referrimg to.).
4. I'm not retarded; I know it's J-chode's, it's just a super massive mod of it.



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    here's what I made from this gun. I'll post it on the weekend as soon as I get home. You still should post yours. 1. It was the first to use the slide idea 2. It's a little more compact than mine (although I'm going to make and post the compact version right after I post the normal one) 3. Yours doesn't need tape... 4. You need modded pieces for mine. I'm surprised this didn't get a higher rating although I suppose no one knows about it. You ought to try that forum out now.


    Hmm...maybe the forum. I kinda blew it up to make a pool table and an ak....Looks awesome.

    Really awesome! My favorite part though is that it's original >_< It's pretty realistic too. The handle isn't that angled but a lot of real pistols have similar angles too so that ain't a problem. It's got that compact slide that I really wanted. You really ought to post this. Even I'd like to make it and mod it it would serve as an awesome base for the PSA. Could you at least give me a couple more pictures like from the back and close ups of the handle?

    Damn lol I can't get anything up for a while....maybe I could explain it?

    Awesome sidearm and Steyr-Aug.

    Thanks but I decided I'd just smash the parts I did know with parts of my own. It made a really awesome gun! I love the slide. Best part is it makes a compact pistol without the slide but it's easy to add the optional slide for realism. I'm thinking I might add some decorations and turn it into a Glock as in the most realistic Glock yet. Thanks a bunches for some of the designs. I also found a better ram holder for the slide. I'll post pictures eventually. I could get some right now and post them on your board or something if you want.

    Sweet, that sounds awesome!

    Meh I finished it but it just doesn't look as clean as yours plus the handle is too short. I'll probably have to glock 28 the handle to make it the right length. I filled in some of the gaps so that it looks more like a barrel under the slide rather than a slide on top of the gun (man I'm not kidding when I say I love the slide) then I added a slide lock places similarly to a real pistol. If I post it I'll make sure to give credit to you for the base design.

    Thanks lol I really didn't expect this to become anything when I made it....any pics? It sounds awesome.....