I really wanted a fort one day and I started researching playhouse/fort plans. My dad had some wood left from a job he did so we decided to build a 2 story fort. It took about 2 months to make and cost about $600. Let me know if you like it!
This is the best! I love it!
Thanks it took a while!
This is so cool! You should make a zip line from the second floor to the ground that would be cool.
Most fantastically AWESOME.........12 POUNDS OF IT!!!! Nice all the way!!
id love to have this for my grandkids..i dont know how to build things but may hire someone..it would be nice at the lake house..<br>
I don't play on it as much as I used to because I've grown older. There are tons of ideas online and I modified one to make mine.
only two months? it would have taken me a lot longer
Well, I build A LOT of stuff.
That's really cool! I'd like to make one.
hey my name is<strong> ZEPHYR</strong>in lol!!!!
Wow, I am pretty sure I saw this in a dream of mine. Nice.
Serious!! That's awesome!
Yeah, it was almost exactly like that. I wonder if we share the same mind... lol.
That would be really weird.
Haha, yes it would.
Cool fort! I have TWO forts but they're more like cruddy messed-up huoses , but my friends are so shocked to play and have airsoft, paintball,BB, and nerf wars in them.
teach us how to make it
It was a very long process.
thats really cool
anay time
Thanks. I can't believe you haven't seen it yet!
Bye I got to go eat!
I'm back!
What's up?
The sky! LOL!!
And the roof, birds,planes....
Yep! Lol!
Ah I built a tree house at my cabin when i was young. Pretty intense. untill we finished but never got around to puting a roof on it. XD. it got old and spider weby... and just yeah....... now its overgrown but u can still go up. It's now slanted so if you step into 1 corner it will probly fall over into the lake! anyway nice except I'd like to point out that during an air soft war it could be possible to breakthe glass in the table.... but sweet
Why yes, I would love to sit down :) this is so awesome! 5*! i wanna make a fort/treehouse/SOMETHING outside. Prob not gonna happen though, because my dad is the DIY procrastinator, our house has been in rennovation for like 3 years. Its only lacking a few details...So if that took three years, I'd be in college by the time we actually got to making it
LOL! I wish I knew how to help you!
Thanks:) My dream house has a huuuuge field with bushes and stuff and a fort kinda like yours in the middle so we could play manhunt! and a couple secret passageways...LOL I'm never growing old...
That would be awesome! And cheap! The passageways are a good idea!
:) If I ever get the money, I want to design my own house. It would be so cool to have moving staircases like in Hogwarts...and the passages would fit right in with that. But seeing as thats improbable Id be satisfied with a volleyball court
wow! Total change of mind! LOL!
well hey I love volleyball. And what if someone falls off the stairs? So I could live without thos. But the passages...I still reeeally want some. Im very indecisive sometimes.
Well, I hope you get it!

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