My Awesome 2 Story Fort





Introduction: My Awesome 2 Story Fort

About: I'm a young inventor and entrepreneur. I build stuff and make art when I have spare time but my main priority is to do good in school. If you like me subscribe!

I really wanted a fort one day and I started researching playhouse/fort plans. My dad had some wood left from a job he did so we decided to build a 2 story fort. It took about 2 months to make and cost about $600. Let me know if you like it!



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    This is so cool! You should make a zip line from the second floor to the ground that would be cool.

    Most fantastically AWESOME.........12 POUNDS OF IT!!!! Nice all the way!!

    id love to have this for my grandkids..i dont know how to build things but may hire would be nice at the lake house..

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    I don't play on it as much as I used to because I've grown older. There are tons of ideas online and I modified one to make mine.

    Cool fort! I have TWO forts but they're more like cruddy messed-up huoses , but my friends are so shocked to play and have airsoft, paintball,BB, and nerf wars in them.

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