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Introduction: My Awesome PC Workspace

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Here are the parts of my computer setup
this is my second instuctable but I have more to come
don't forget to comment

P.S  I'm only 13 So no bad comments

Step 1: Let's Start With the Tower

Here is my Thermaltake Xaser MX VI

The specs are:

Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3H
AMD Phenom II X3 (Tri-Core) 2.8ghz
Stock Cooling :(
4gb DDR2 1066mhz
ATI Radeon 4870  1GB
Dual TV tuners 
Western Digital Caviar Green 500Gb
Plasma Globe :)
Dual Band wireless N
Logitech Wave keyboard and mouse 
LG 300w RMS 5.1 sound system running with an optical cable 
2X DVD burners
2Tb worth of external hard drives
650w cooler master psu

I think I've covered everything
My custom made PC's case looks awesome

Step 2: The Rest?

Random pictures of the rest of the stuff

My favorite, the plasma globe

Step 3: The End

Thanks for viewing my Instructable. please Vote for me :)



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    I like putting the CPU on the wall, this way I have more space on my desk for other stuff.

    What was the thing with the hard drive

    nice interest in computers at ur age.

    Thanks. I built this computer 1 1/2 years ago and it's still fast.

    age is not the problem , you can be a 3 year old if you are smart . isn't that right? :)

    I was talking about the computer?

    yes you made the computer when you were 11 right? my 15 years old friends doesn't know what is a graphic card. Btw you can upgrade your graphic card , maybe ati radeon 5750 1gb ddr5

    I might wait till the 6000 series come out or will get Nvidia with the 3D setup.

    Also, I only use nvidia, unless your gonna get a dual gpu card, nvidias are betterfor the price

    My games aren't going to be that intense (dual GPU)
    I probably will upgrade but I'm happy with the card I have now. It's the monitor I need upgrading! It's a tiny 15-17"! It's too small for my card to perform and I want to upgrade to a 24-27" monitor