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Introduction: My Backyard Garden Railway

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Our garden railway has been around since 2001 in my back yard, built by my father, me and the rest of my family. Most of these photo's are from 2003 - 2006, so they are a bit outdated, I do how ever have a recent video from our local news thats was taken over summer 2010.



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    This would have made Mr Rogers proud.

    this is a like a moving miniature world in your backyard! I'm going to make this. (somehow)

    Nice railroad, but not an instructable.

    Nerdy, but very cool! :)

    I so am going to build something like this after the bbqs fixed ive painted the house the list gos on.really nice layout wish I had it nice work.

    That's really the nicest G scale layout I have ever seen.

    this is great! So inspiring! I want one around my pond (lake?). Awesome!!!

    It look great!!!!

    I've been planning a garden railway for a while (mainly using live steam), but have found that moss is the perfect plant to use for lawns and field (no trimming needed)... also perfect score 10 10 10

    Showing respect for all your effort. Good job