My Bass Guitar That I Stripped, Sanded, and Stained





Introduction: My Bass Guitar That I Stripped, Sanded, and Stained

A while back, I bought a Fender Squier Bass at a pawn shop for $60, it had had a rough life. When I bought the bass it had some spray paint on spots of it,  and it had been doused in glitter. It was originally blue and I think someone sanded the edges down a little to the white to give it a custom look. I actually kindof liked the way it looked but I wanted to stain it and make it my own. So I took it home and stripped the paint and stained it. I painted the pickguard, bought some knobs and a bridge cover and some new strings. It was a really fun project, my first of this kind. I had a blast doing it.



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HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR POOR POOR BASS GUITAR? nah, cool, hope it was a cheap one though

thanks, haha yeah I got it at a pawn shop for $60 so it wasn't a huge risk.

thats an awesome price! does it still work?

haha yeah it still works great!

That's awesome :) What kind of paint did you use on the pickguard?

Thanks! I just bought some spray paint from walmart that can be used on wood, plastic, metal, etc. I'm not sure what the brand was though.

Ok thanks :) I've been wantin to paint the pickguard on my bass black

Paint will come off, why not buy a black pickguard or make a metal one?
Plus metal isolates the pickups perfectly ;)

Yes the paint has started to slightly come off, but it gives it a feel. Haha I dont know I cant explain it, but I like it. And I just painted it because I had the original and I didnt want to spend more money than I just had to so I painted it.