My Bench Supply


Introduction: My Bench Supply

This bench supply is rated for 0.5v-16v@1.5a.
It has a meter. It uses an lm317.



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    You should make a dual PS so you can work with OP-Amps and similar.


    Slideshows have a different standard than normal instructables.

    They illustrate something that's already built. Or document a social gathering, etc. As such, this is perfectly acceptable.

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    Hi gmoon,
    thanks for your explanation. I did not realize it was a slideshow.  I have removed my previous comment.
    However, a full instructable would be welcome, as this project is interesting for the community.

    I wanted to share my power supply, here is the basic circuit that i built on top of:


    Ah; you're using a laptop supply instead of the traditional tansformer and filter.  I've been noticing that that has become a cheaper and easier solution!