My Bug Out Bag Family Fishing Kit.





Introduction: My Bug Out Bag Family Fishing Kit.

Started with  small- mid sized fish food container

Step 1: Survival Fishing Kit

packs nice in container

Step 2: Fishing Kit

sinkers, derfferent size and kinds of hooks, spoon,fish lure, safty pin, grubs and worms (rubber) jig hooks, and clip spinners

Step 3: Fishing Kit

8,10,12 lb lines and two floats

Step 4: Kit

small pocket knife, nail clippers and gill string

Step 5: Kit

fish food container, 12' of duck tape and a few rubber bands. wax paper is to make a better seal..

Step 6: Kit

all packed in

Step 7: Kit

3 person kit sealed with elect-tape.......



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