Introduction: My Cheap, Easy to Make, Cardboard Iron Man Classic Helmet Which I Have Made for This Halloween for Under $3

Here is my cheap and easy to make cardboard Iron Man(TM) helmet which I made for under $3. I used cardboard(box board), some glossy paper, gold acrylic paint and a sharpie. The tools are scissors, knives(paper cutters), staples and a needle(for outlining the eyeholes before cutting). Please feel free to use these as references for making your own helmets


guitardude99 (author)2010-06-17

I think youre helmet is great. people ar 2 hard on you. keep up the good work

Does Not Compute (author)2008-10-28

I just thought I'd mention it, but this is actually Mk 3, Mk 2 was the silver one, Mk. 1 was the original

Papai (author)Does Not Compute2008-10-29

Thank you, I will change it.

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