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Introduction: My Clock

Hey I just made this clock from my old alarm clock and some old soda cans. it still works and I still use it. I hope you like it!



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    not too bad! looks similar to my clock... good use of materials... I do have one qualm with it... the garbage aspect... yes you are recycling in a sence... but cans and a spree wraper? It just seems a little overboard.

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    Yea well I needed something to put the clock on and I have a bunch of pop cans lying around and I needed something tallish so the antenna could wrap around it and get a bit higher

    I believe it's time to mint a new genre: data punk, as opposed to steam punk.. =)

    Yeah, its cyber punk, and don't think its new... you should see my alarm clock and wrist watch...

    yea but i needed to use it and i like it and the spree part was just so the antenna would be higher up and thanks

    The sideways pics make my brain loopy lol lol Trash is treasure!

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    haha yea i used my phone cuz my dad took our digital camera so i sorta had to make it sideways to get a good shot and thanks!

    So where's the snooze button and when the alarm does go off do the cans rattle? My favorite part is the Spree candy wrapper. Next time you can use laffy taffy wrappers or whatever was leftover from Halloween. Just a suggestion. So what time is on the photo? I'm still trying to figure out which is the hour hand and which is the minute hand.

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    yea I actually cut out the front of a box of sprees and its 7:27. you can see it on the bottom leftish of the second pick and the snooze is on the bottom of the whole thing and thanks for the posts everyone!

    I'm not sure what you would call this. A type of stealth clock, or maybe an abstract debris clock?

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