These are just some pictures of my coilgun. I would make a video, but the dang thing stopped working. In desperation, i removed the relay and rewired it, but the charging circiut was fried. But here are some pictures of it anyways!
u should not wind a coil by hand, and th coil should be 5 times as much as this coil. The cap. bank should also be much larger
how many winds are you useing on you coil
i used a 22 gauge wire and wrapped it around 30 times, 5 times around.
Is it okay to use a skinnier or thicker gauge? Is there a difference?<br /> (I plan to buy 800 ft of 24 ga)<br />
eeh, its better to use thicker wire, but it doesnt really matter, 24 gauge sounds good :)
Okay. I found out that I can get 22 gauge also, but sense thicker wire is better, how thick should I get?<br /> Thanks for the reply.<br />
Uhm, yeah man, 22 is fine. anything bigger is just overduing it. it should work perfect with 22! and yeah, no problem. i think your the kid that told me to make a mini coilgun! i tried and got really really far, but then i think the circuit broke, and i had it glewed in and everything :( sorry :P
Haha possibly :P<br /> Sorry it broke, but hey, it was fun, right? haha.<br /> Another quick question: is it really necessary to use a relay switch?<br />
and oh yeah, i turned this gun into a new one with a stock! i might take some photos later ^-^
Awesome! I&nbsp;was thinking, would it be possible to just use two pieces of steel as the trigger?&nbsp;Would that stick too much?<br /> Maybe if there is another kind of metal...<br /> Copper?<br />
you jsut descibed a normal switch haha, it would work in theory, but it might shock the CRAP out of you if you touch the other piece at the same time! and i dont really know why you couldnt just get a simple high amp switch lol,
oh yes it was! haha, and oh, let meh tell ya! so, a relay is suppose to handle higher voltage than regular switches, but when i used mine, it &quot;welded&quot; (for lack of better wording) &nbsp;the inside of the relay together.&nbsp;So I&nbsp;used a large switch that was like a toggle and a momentary switch, meaning it was a toggle switch that went back to the off position by its self, like a trigger, for my new and improved coilgun.
oops, wrong instructable&nbsp;:) i didnt do a good job on this instructable or coil, so i would check out my other instructable and follow those steps, but i think it was like 30 winds or something, haha, pitiful
i didnt go by winds, i went by the length, which was 2 and a half inches, and 10 layers of that.
Hello guys <br /> I am making a coilgun made of a disposable camera and some capacitors. <br /> I have made a drawing with google sketch-up. Could you please check if I have made all the connections right? ( I am not an expert &hellip;&hellip;&hellip; yet) <br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.elektronica_stuff.webklik.nl/page/voorpagina" rel="nofollow">www.elektronica_stuff.webklik.nl/page/voorpagina</a><br /> please reply
How well did it shoot bits of metal?
i didnt have time to test it that much. Me and my grandpa will make another coilgun later this summer, so we can test that one. I built this one with no help (im only 13)
you're only a year ahead of me when I started making projects.
ive been doing this stuff since first grade:)
hey me 2...
hahaha... you are so much like me... :D except it was about 2-3rd grade when i started making stuff. weapons, mostly XD
lol teslawarrior vs. welfarewarrior
Just use the info from my other one to make a original or one like this. I <em>really</em> dont want to make another ible.
post this one-i want one tat doesnt use up a toy gun... cause i dont have any lying around.<br />
I would not suggest using these, but 5 80Mf capacitors
how many capacitors were in this? what kind?

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