Step 32: Goomba Arm

An element I made out of goomba pieces from the mario kart sets. This acts exactly like any ball arm. And as the user TheUnfortunateHobbit said,"Goombas be like "Dammit! It got away again!""

so many cool elements!!
<p>Great ible just made this element and added it to my ball machine</p>
In step 6 do you say that the vid of Obligation isn't available anymore, but I can still watch it...
Oh! That's because you and &quot;that&quot; guy both probably live in Germany and I live in the United States. Must of got blocked here.
You mean Belgium :p Yes he's from Belgium, just like me. The only knexer who lives in Germany that I know is Sorunome. <br>And yeah that could be possible. <br>
yeah, i don't know any other knexer from germany, i'm so alone :(
But almost everyone thinks all Dutch knexers are German, annoying sometimes... <br>And you're maybe alone, but that makes you the best knexer from Germany. And the worst :D
Lol, i'm the worst knexer from germany, I should advertise with that :P <br>And yeah, the reason is that dutch sounds as if someone can't speack german &gt;.&lt;
Yup indeed :p
mhmm, you haven't been on skype latley :(
Now I am :D
<p>On the topic of nationalities, are there any other New Zealand k'nexers out there?</p>
<p>There are some in Austrailia for sure</p>
<p>Australia sucks though... and NZ isn't Australia (thank god for that) </p>
<p>Somebody has strong opinions, eh? :P</p>
<p>Yes. Yes I do.</p>
<p>Fred The Penguin / Logic Boy might be from NZ, not entirely sure though.</p>
<p>I don't know... But I have some family in New Zealand :)</p>
<p>I have an idea for a new element... all i'm going to say is that it's a bit like ball in a cart.</p>
<p>Step 26: That's the first time I've been mentioned. I feel special...</p>
Hey collinjo12 how did you connect the spiral stairs in step 34?
This element is on my ball machine Supernova :D
Please, that poor little element in Step 10 is just begging for a name, and has been for several months. :-( How about &quot;Mini Spinny&quot;, &quot;Spintastic/Spinner Slide&quot;, or &quot;Swoosh Chute&quot;? Even if you choose none of these, don't leave the little guy nameless! ;-)
P.S: Love the new elements! And about that revision in the introduction...can there ever be too many elements in a guide? :-P
I notice in your pdf, there aren't 50 steps.
Very nice guide!
Thanks!! I'm currently building my biggest ball machine yet!! Stay tuned!!
I think you did a good job! <br>:D
Haha, another elements guide!<br>There defenetly should be one with all ellements in it! :D
What about the one we started?
That's dead :P I can add some other people if you give me the permission :P And I could start asking around the other guids weather we could use the images
It doesn't have to be dead anymore. Can't only the author add collaborators? I don't think we should just take pictures from other guides though, even though it'll take time to build elements (for me anyway, maybe I can after I'm done with my project).
ah, ok, and about adding collaborators, i have no idea :D
I'm also in the process of making a ball machine element &quot;dictionary&quot; maybe we could work together?
I know, that would be awesome if me or somebody would sum up every KNEX element guide to make just one out of those.
That would be pretty cool, but almost impossible to do.
*caught* look at &Atilde;&para;the post of shadowman above and at my reply *caught*
That's one strange cough you have there!
The Mario Kart Paving is supported by classic knex, not micro knex; because the micro pieces wouldn't fit in the holes on the edges of the pieces.
Nice. I might consider getting some.

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