My Cozy Little Workspace


Introduction: My Cozy Little Workspace

Welcome to my workroom! This tiny room sits behind the master bedroom in my 100+  year old apartment.  I imagine it was originally used as a laundry room but I've turned it into a sweet little workspace.   Despite it's size, I can usually accomplish everything I do  without much strain.

Step 1: Electronics Table

This is where all of the soldering and prototyping comes together.  Click on each item for a description.

Step 2: CNC Mill

This is where I cut PCBs and panels out. 

Step 3: Misc Electronics Shelf

just some more components- knobs, buttons, resistors, AVRs, PICs, tape, whatever.

Step 4: Closet Door!

Just as the title says...only I've made greater use of it as you can see.

Step 5: Drill Press Table / 2nd Work Table

exciting!    Thanks for visiting.  The end.



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    Yes, it's cozy. How small is it, exactly? 12x18 feet?

    1 reply

    Closer to 8 x 12 feet!!! it's basically a glorified closet.