My Creation of Alex the Great's LED Cube





Introduction: My Creation of Alex the Great's LED Cube

I started this about a year ago but was too lazy to put it together. But finally here it is.



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    I think this would make an interesting piece for decor inside of a bar or nightclub!  You could even brand it.

    Well on the back of the cube I put a "T" for my friends name because this was a birthday gift.

    Very cool!  I'm in the display business.  It would be cool if your could suspend that from the ceiling or mount it into a corner.  My clients are always looking for advertising solutions that get peoples attention but also don't take up valuable space!  Great work!

    Send me a picture of that in my private messages.

    I've seen several of these all over instructables but, can someone please explain the point?

    Take some broken mirror/plastic and mosaic into a cube shape with some internal illumination. Does it have it's own function beyond decoration, or does it demonstrate some principle that I've missed?

    Does everything have to have a point? Its cool, thats why.