My (creative,not Finished) Minecraft City!





Introduction: My (creative,not Finished) Minecraft City!

I know this might be a bit a little out of context because I don't normaly make minecraft instructables but I will continue with my loom ones too! I will show my creative city it is not finished though, hope you like it!

Step 1: My House

Step 2: My Friends House

Step 3: Neighborhood Houses

Step 4: Neighborhood Park

Step 5: Library

Step 6: Hotel

Step 7: Cinnabon

Step 8: Subway

Step 9: Park

Step 10: GoKars

Step 11: School

Step 12: Thank You

And well that was it im not finished yet and I have a LOT of ideas to add but little time with school and everything but I love minecraft and hope you like it and tell me if you want more!



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    Jaja I checked them out even before I published this, good work with your things!