My Crochet 3D Sweater





Introduction: My Crochet 3D Sweater

I found a 3 D pattern for an afghan and decided that I would like to crochet a sweater with that pattern. so this is it. I just love the 3 D pattern in this sweater.
I have been knitting for many years and I love making my own patterns, when I find something I like.
I also gave you pictures of close up so you can really see the 3D.

Feb.13/2007 update

I Just found the pattern, that I took to make this sweater. It was in the Quick & Easy Magazine Jan./Feb. 1999.

I am in the process of making an afghan, I just have to go buy one more colour.



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i was just wondering if you had the pattern for this 3D sweater pattern? I just love it.

Sorry I just used a pattern from another cardigan and applied the cubes from the blanket pattern,.

Just found your pattern and loved it. Is there any way I could get the pattern as I"'m having trouble finding a pattern for my daughter. She needs a 3-4xxxx pattern. There are just not alot of patterns out the to crochet for a girl of that size, Any help would be greatly appreciated. From cold Michigan. Skeeter

Very Nice Wanna sell it? Make one to order? Or, at least post contact info for the pattern.

Here is the pattern that you asked for. Doris

Cody s Grad pic 0011.JPG

wow, i've seen blanket patterns for a similar design, but i haven't been able to figure out the cubey thingy, thats really cool!

I have posted the pattern on the site for thr afghan

Thank you. I am making the actual blanket right now. I am half waydone.

that is really interesting - are you going to include instruction/pattern on how to do that design? that would be really nice if you could - the 3D effect is astounding.

Here is the pattern of the afghan. I just made it in the pinks , it is just beautiful. I am posting it , so anyone who wants it, can get it. Happy crocheting and good luck . I would really like to see it when it's done. So send me a picture if you can. Doris

Thumbling Blocks Afghan0020.JPG