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This is a guitar that I painted last weekend. I was really bored, found it up in my workshop, and sprayed it.
I'm rewiring it, installing a killswitch, and maybe a whammy bar!


black kujo (author)2010-05-02

 Not my own personal taste as far as the paint job goes, but none the less a great job. the guitar looks sick. 

h.u.fan1 (author)2009-07-06

Have you tried putting in a whammy bar yet? if not it wont be easy. you will have to rout out the top for the trem block, and rout the back out for the springs. Paint job looks pretty good though!

bobbyderf123 (author)h.u.fan12010-01-25

ive got a harmony, and the bridge looks like that except its got a flat whammy bar that doesnt come off ulness you take the screw out, but it doesnt have any routings in the back, at all, all the electronics and everything load thru the pickguard, i dont know how it works though.

Or2 (author)2008-12-20

Wut type of guitar is that

ItsTheHobbs (author)Or22008-12-22

some cheap brand, Harmony, I think.

bobbyderf123 (author)ItsTheHobbs2010-01-25

dude no way, ive got an old harmony in my closet, it looks similar to that, its got the same bridge and all that stuff, but the pickguards and pickups are just a little bit different and its a little closer to a fender jaguar body shape, and its blue, but still cool

486dx4 (author)ItsTheHobbs2009-03-05

as cool as the paint job looks, those old japanese harmonys can be worth quite a bit sometimes. don't worry, im sure its not in the thousands range or anything, i always try to do a little research before taking on a project like painting. that being said, its very cool that your into modding guitars at such a young age! keep it up!

ItsTheHobbs (author)486dx42009-03-06

But like in the hundreds, right? I didn't know that... It's too bad it doesn't work...

486dx4 (author)ItsTheHobbs2009-03-06

probly around 2 -4 hundred, its hard to say tho. do you have a soldering iron? its usually reeeely simple to rewire a guitar.

ItsTheHobbs (author)486dx42009-03-06

No way! I didn't know that! well, I will probably be rewiring and finishing up the paint to make it look nicer, then selling it!

bustedit (author)ItsTheHobbs2009-06-29

dont get TOO excited. I have the same guitar, but with only 1 pickup. its a harmony marquis, and i got it on ebay for $65, shipping included. It has a very nice sunburst finish with just a few nicks. no sustain at all, noisy pots, sounds like azz. but it all depends on the demand, i guess. i just sold a yamaha keytar for $355 that i paid $45 for at a music store, and was able to get a better guitar!

highvoltage (author)2009-07-24

Man, don't listen to the haters. I love this guitar, and I would do the same thing to mine provided it was the right color for it, but I don't know what would look good with blue so maybe if I sanded it. I think it's got a grungy look to it, looks boss man! Keep up the mods

bobbyderf123 (author)highvoltage2010-01-25

i think silver or white would look cool with blue, but thats just my opinion

codongolev (author)2009-08-21

looks cool.... like your guitar has a freaking sweet scab or something. battle wounds!!!

I don't mean that badly. look at this guitar. It's like the same concept.

ItsTheHobbs (author)codongolev2009-08-22

Yeah, that one's awesome.

badrang4 (author)2009-02-08

i seen it in real life its pretty kool

ItsTheHobbs (author)badrang42009-02-08


IPlayGuitar (author)2008-11-25

did you even sand it, or did you just paint over the entire thing regardless of previous paint

ItsTheHobbs (author)IPlayGuitar2008-11-26

I sanded all of the shiny stuff off, and some of the paint, but then I decided it would take too long, and decided it was fine.

pyro-reaper (author)2008-09-20

quite a few people are saying this is a bad paint job but its all a matter of opinion even if there is over/underspray it still looks kool i personally like the overspray on it. it gives it a bit of a grungy look that i reli like. so good job. i love it.

ItsTheHobbs (author)pyro-reaper2008-09-20

Yeah, I was thinking that it would take a long time to dry and come out bad, but when it dried, it came out really neat.

booker (author)ItsTheHobbs2008-11-22

It's a nice paint job, I like that whole blending-type thing around the stars, but if you want to try to clean that up you could base coat it white, then mask out the stars with painters tape and do maybe around 5 light coats of red, or just do light coats of red until your satisfied with the results!

hackerlife (author)2008-11-11

Nicely done (Oh man I hope I spelled "nicely" correctly lol!) Man, so much hate happening here...

sallyann422 (author)2008-09-17

I think your guitar looks awesome! AND, that being said, I don't think you should care what people think if they: a) don't know the difference between 'weather' and 'whether' b) think 'helpful' is spelled with two l's c) think 'offence' is a word. I couldn't even color in the lines at the ripe age of 11... I can't imagine being able to play a guitar OR paint one! Keep up the amazing work!

about the words-

"Offence" is a word in

So is "Colour".

It's pronounced "solder" in the majority of the world, not "sodder".

It just depends where you are from.

As for "Helpfull"- courtesy of

"No results found for helpfull:
Did you mean Helpful (in dictionary) or Helpful (in reference)?"

And to the author- you claim to be eleven, but you have a workshop? And you found it there, so you don't actually play it?

Come clean...

I'm 12 (today!) it's more my workshop than my dad's, and, yes I found it in the workshop, after losing it a couple times, and I do play it, I already had 3 guitars before I found it that I played.

ItsTheHobbs (author)sallyann4222008-09-18

lol, thanks.

sallyann422 (author)sallyann4222008-09-17

b) think 'helpful' is actually spelled with three l' in 'helpfull...' as opposed to 'helpful.'

the.mk95 (author)2008-10-08

Dude Thats do i paint an acoustic

maharg20 (author)2008-09-23

pretty nice

h4rk4t (author)2008-09-17

Ouch.... I'm sorry bro... i hate when ppl say someones art/creation is crummy... but at least your trying to contribute and weather it be successful or a failure it's all helpfull info on what and what not to do. But yes this is a pretty bad...job... sorry :( You could always re-mod it, i see many possibilities. Go over the stars edges with something thick, to get rid of the smudges and messy parts of it, so as to give them a boarder...or just go back over them with white. Find a paint very similar to the original white. or just do the whole entire thing black, and cover the stars with some blue tape , dont press down hard, just make the shape for the star, and only press hard on the outer 4mm edges of hte tape so that it has a good seal but dont press hard on the entire patch covering the star... the do it with the others as well and cover up everything else you don't want painted... and go over it with a new coating of some white or black primer spray...with that stars glossy texture i would go with something like a matte dull finish ... to make the stars stick out alot more.. I'd give the whole guitar a red coat, then make the stars yellow ;)

the mom (author)h4rk4t2008-09-17

This is The Mom. My eleven year old did a great job on his guitar. I think art is a process. The pictures do not do the guitar justice. As an artist, I like seeing my kid do cool stuff. I know he isn't going to stop creating due to negative feedback. I don't see many eleven year olds actively creating and exploring like my son. Mom gives it the thumbs up!

h4rk4t (author)the mom2008-09-17

Kudo's too your 11 year old son! Seriously thumbs up i'm sorry if i missed any reading i didn't know it was done by an 11 year old, thats beyond the level of the average 11 year olds i know, and if he keeps at this pace and keeps it up by the time he's 13 he'll probably make the front page on here with an instructable. Keep it up little guy, go watch some video's on youtube with painting and art techniques some really talented people on there who show you how to make the most crazy looking stuff with a simple technique you would think would create a failure but when you try it out, you're amazed. I have a recommendation for your son, if you go out and buy him some Con-Tact® BRAND paper (, its really cheap and easy to use and works AMAZINGLY well, and not too sticky either. Its just paper that you trace out your design on, cut it out, and then peel off the paper layer and you have this thin plastic that's white and and mellow grip, and you set this down on whatever you are stenciling/spraying/painting. I use to result to using those 'beware of dog' and "for sale" thin hard plastic signs that you buy at albertsons and walmart for around 1 dollar, which was harder to use because it was thicker and needed more pressure applied when using an exacto... plus it had no grip. but this stuff is a light film. I use it for T-shirts i'm designing, wood, metal...anything really. Currently i'm working on my guitar face plate and i'll show the result and post my first instructable on here for you to see what i mean by how it's used and whatnot. ITS USEFULL STUFF I LOVE IT. It's paper thin, good for fragile surfaces, like if your worried paint will get peeled up... it makes a good seel so you dont get any paint outside the margins. You can use it in printers to, just cut out the 8.5"x11" inch paper sized rectangle (it has guidlines on the back of the rolls of it as it is, so you can measure easily, it's got lightly blue colored gridlines on the back side of the paper/sheet, measured in squared centimeters. So you can photoshop something to just have only outlines and shapes of an image to make it simple and print it out and cut accordingly. Good for an alternative to silk screen good for stenciling in general easy to cut intricate/complicated shapes into anyways. once again, keep encouraging your son, especially at playing guitar ;-) I'm currently teaching myself, never had a lesson :( have been on and off teaching myself for a few years, now i'm finally getting into it, and when you have a self customized guitar it makes things all the more exciting to pick up and play. namaste~

ItsTheHobbs (author)h4rk4t2008-09-18

yeah, I've thought about using the contact paper stuff, but I was going for sort a splattered and not quite crisp design. (I'm 11 almost 12, not "little guy")

h4rk4t (author)ItsTheHobbs2008-09-19

Ahh i getcha, and sorry for the "little guy" i meant it literally as in... small, well.... at least most 11-12 year olds are smaller...i was an odd overly tall one :( but still called little . Age has nothing to do with brain capacity, there's a 7 year old girl in china who's already in college!

Anyways, the splatter technique you're going for - what i like doing for that is getting my handy old tooth brush out, any kind really will do, depending on the size of the splatters that you want and whatnot. Then, dip it in the paint, or if your using strictly spray paint, spray some of the paint into the lid of a bottle cap so you have a puddle (slowly it doesn't just fly out), and then dip the bristles of the tooth brush into it, and you have to get your fingers a little messy here = well at least just one finger.. then from one side of the star, hold the brush so its facing in the direction you want it to splatter, and just quickly rub a toothpick over the bristles, in a direction towards you, so that splatters fly out where you have aimed...

practice first so that you don't do it too hard that it goes to far or makes to much of a mess, nor too little.

hope this helps ya out

ItsTheHobbs (author)h4rk4t2008-09-19

Yeah, I did that in a school project one time, and really liked the effect. Now I just need another guitar to paint...

ItsTheHobbs (author)h4rk4t2008-09-18

yeah.... don't want it to look like the Chinese flag... and, it looks great.

h4rk4t (author)ItsTheHobbs2008-09-19

ah i missed the comment about the chinese flag... soz i wasn't intending that. before i knew that it was a project just for the star in general, i judgmentally thought you were around my age and going for a communist star :-/ it's been the latest lame trend in this area. many just wearing it around just because everyone else is, not really knowing anything about anything or ever doing their research for what anything represents...

luckily we have wicki now-days :P
that takes care of some of hte lazy people who don't like to read bleh. Reading is the seed for creativity in my opinion. Brings knowledge as well, knowledge is power. Creativity+knowledge+power = EPIC.

know what i mean 0.o

lata buddy

ItsTheHobbs (author)2008-09-18

I don't have enough time in my life for people like you. I'm just so glad that I could spell better than you in third grade.

beauwalker23 (author)2008-09-16

dude. your ruined it.

ItsTheHobbs (author)beauwalker232008-09-18

Or you.

TheLady13 (author)2008-09-17

I think that you did an awesome job! Art is all a matter of opinion and the only opinion that really matters is yours. BTW... I saw your cast.... another awesome idea... that is so cool!

ItsTheHobbs (author)TheLady132008-09-18

yeah, thanks.

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