Introduction: My Daily Survival Kit!

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Hi Instructables,

I decided to share with you my survival kit. I am a member of the Boy Scouts and I think it is good and helpful to have your own kit. I was constantly improving and extending my survival kit. I finally came to the conclusion, that I'll never get to the situation where i will risk my life so out of my survival kit became a "daily" survival kit with things I need "every day".

Step 1: The Box!

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If you want to have a good survival kit, you need to find reliable and safe box. I have chosen this waterproof food box.

Step 2: First Aid!

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Isothermic foil - Special thermic-reflective foil works as a prevention of thermal loss during injuries, burns and states of shock. It is used mainly when giving first aid, to prevent the hypothermia of the injured person.

Analgesic - to relief from pain.

Injury card - if you get hurt and nobody is with you, this is for later identification for doctors.

Tampon - I use it to stop the bleeding nose.

Step 3: Communication!

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Step 4: Useful Equipment!

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Step 5: Hygienic Supplies!

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Step 6: Light Mi Fire!

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Gunpowder - you can use gunpowder to light a fire or for cauterization of some wound.

Step 7: Food!

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Instant drik - you can drink it hot or cold.

Aluminium foil - you can cook in it.


EdcM (author)2016-04-30

Príma sada, ať slouží.

I'm glad you carry a suvival kit on your hand, very smart.

Thank you very much. It's very useful and smart thing. :)

I'm glad you understand the art of survival!

4WantofaNail (author)2015-10-20

The background you've chosen to photograph upon is a little busy making it a bit difficult to make out what some items are. Other then that, nice attempt. cheers mate

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