Introduction: My Desk Needs an Amiga

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My desk is quite nice-looking, I have to admit.
Anyway, I wanted to add an Amiga 1200 to it.
Before starting this project, the Amiga was on a separate desk (with its own TV).

It was quite difficult to realize this desk while keeping it nice-looking.

I hope you enjoy it and use her as an inspiration. 

Step 1: Change the Cable Holders!

Picture of Change the Cable Holders!

Thanks to a user who commented my previous desk, I changed my cable holders.

The previous ones were nice, but a bit too "rigid" for my tastes.
So IKEA came to help once again: GUNSTIG!
The material was perfect for my needs, very flexyble, cheap and capable to hold cables.

Step 2: Raise Up the Shelf

Picture of Raise Up the Shelf

Next step was to raise up the shelf.
That was necessary because the Amiga is too high to suit in the actual shelf.

I took advantage of the situation and gave some "air" to the soundcard, which is good for cooling and cables managment.

Step 3: Make the Amiga Power Supply Nicer

Picture of Make the Amiga Power Supply Nicer

That was absolutely necessary :)

I love Amiga, really. I think that it has the most beautiful microcomputer models ever made.
Anyway, the power supply is not so nice, and the cable that comes out from the front...

The renovation was simple. I replaced the button with a nicer one and I placed both cables to come out from the rear.
Et voilà!

Step 4: Place the Laptop Stand

Picture of Place the Laptop Stand

To place the laptop on the desk, I used my old table stand.
I just flipped that and fixed with some nails to the bottom of the shelf.

This placement is a lot more practical than the previous one.
(Before, the shelf was too low and there was no space to attach and detach cables) 

Step 5: The Competition Pro

Picture of The Competition Pro

I have a Competition Pro Joystick.
That is absolutely fantastic, but I think you know that... :)

I placed a broom holder on the right side of the desk. It works so well as joystick holder.



KennyS69 (author)2016-12-14

You are not explaining some details about the amiga. How are you connecting it to the screen? Do you have a converter to HDMI or something?

carloratm (author)KennyS692016-12-22

I am using this

bhardy6 (author)2013-11-12

If you have an Amiga and do ANY kind of video work.....then you NEED to add The Video Toaster!!!!! (Google it kids! Seriously, I can't do ALL your work for you). The pre-curseor to The Avid and STILL a Top Five pick

carloratm (author)bhardy62013-11-12

No video sorry. I use the Amiga mainly for Audio (as a synth) and for gaming!

pfred2 (author)2013-11-10

Love the broom holder. Genius!

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