Something way different than I do usual;
Pretty recently, about 2 months ago maybe, I regained an interest in drawing. And, with my 'brony-ness', I decided to make some drawings based on backgrounds I have on my iPod. These are the results as of now, with more to come. I didn't drew them all at once, but spread across those 2 months.
As my last drawing class was about 2~3 years ago (highschool drawing lessons, that is), these aren't  nearly as good as for example the drawings of Rustic Shine (youtuber)  or other YT speed drawers. 
On every one, I worked about 30~45 minutes on the outline, and about 1~1,5 hours on coloring it in. The Daring Do, Fluttershy and Vinyl Scratch ones took a bit longer, about 1,5~2 hours coloring in, because of the fully filled backgrounds

I hope you like them

(btw, if the pictures don't show, that can maybe be because the editor is glitching a bit, or because these photos are taken with my iPod)
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Dr MonkeyMan6 months ago
I don't really like MLP, but these drawings are PRO.
halofreak1019 months ago
Very nice. I drew vinyl and would show you but instructables is being difficult. Have you seen the .mov series? Or Murdershy? Or Smile HD? Or read cupcakes?
dr. richtofen (author)  halofreak1019 months ago

From all those, I can't remember Murdershy.
Cupcakes was the first fanfic I've read, got a few good laughs from it, for how over-the-top it was :3
.mov was pretty fun, weird, but fun.
Smile HD is eh IMO, a bit like cupcakes.
Dark in tone art of MLP can be great, if done well, IMO.

Pandabear052411 months ago
What do you think of my luna that I drew for my cousin?
14, 7:35 PM.jpg14, 7:35 PM.jpg
FireFighter11211 months ago
The one of Vinyl Scratch is my favorite. Wish I could draw ponies that good. I'm trying to learn it but not much succes (yet)
dr. richtofen (author)  FireFighter11211 months ago
I started with a couple of small pony drawings on some thing me and a friend of mine were doing when bored at school, and then started these bigger ones :)
Sorunome1 year ago
Those are awesome O.O

/me is jelly
dr. richtofen (author)  Sorunome1 year ago
Thank you ;D
Hehe, no prob, you know it is awesome :P
dr. richtofen (author)  Sorunome1 year ago
Any Derpy planned? :3
dr. richtofen (author)  Sorunome1 year ago
Hmm, not yet. Maybe if I find motivation to draw again ;p
Yay, Derpy :3
dr. richtofen (author)  Sorunome1 year ago
Why do i feel like replying even though i have nothing to say :P
dr. richtofen (author)  Sorunome1 year ago
Because pony :p
I love it!!!
How do you think my pinkie pie drawing is? I'm a beginner so.... Yea..... :D btw great job on your drawings! ;)
13, 4:53 PM.jpg
dr. richtofen (author)  Pandabear05241 year ago
Also looks good for beginning :)
Thanks btw :)
I drew this rainbow dash yesterday, I hope it's better, do u think it is?
13, 2:14 PM.jpg
Yes your right
I drew these there not that good
13, 9:07 AM.jpg
dr. richtofen (author)  TimsProjects1 year ago
They're okay for starters :)
For the first ones you make, I suggest putting dots on 'extreme' locations, to get the proportions right. With my first few, I held them against our PC screen, and dotted those parts.
With extreme locations, I mean the max width of the legs for example. A dot on each side of it, I hope this is understandable :/
Rainbow Dash is my favorite.
dr. richtofen (author)  KemikalzAreFun1 year ago
didexo1 year ago
I think others will agree with me on this. But, come on, whats the bid deal with these ponies?
dr. richtofen (author)  didexo1 year ago
I understand you find it strange, 'cause it actually is, but once you go full magical pony, there's no return
It seems i had a part in starting a debate at the bottom...
dr. richtofen (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago
Sort of yeah, though I don't wanna participate in it. I posted this as a slideshow, to show what I've made, don't see the problem in that
I know. I think it is an Instructable, but I leave it at that-and its a good Instructable, too. But I dont want to participate either. I already said what I thought. Though I do regret starting a comment fight... :(
Johnhall441 year ago
interesting ...very interesting =P
*face palm*
why the face palm XD
Just at what you said, thats all.
dr. richtofen (author)  Johnhall441 year ago
Kona-chan1 year ago
mike, dit is je beste 'ible tot nu toe!!
dr. richtofen (author)  Kona-chan1 year ago
XD thanks
*houdt je knex spas 12 vast* gimme the drawnings =-=
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