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A while back I wanted to make some driftwood furniture and I finally got around to finishing the bench I started. I went to the beach and found all the strong and nice looking sticks I could, along with some of the sticks I already had from many times of bringing back a walking stick. I started by assembling a rectangle from a large stick for the base part. I put that onto a chair and then attached the legs. From there, I reinforced the legs and then put on the backboard frame. I then attached the backrest sticks and I just now cut up enough sticks to make the seat. I am rather pleased with it. As of writing this I have not screwed down all of the seat but I wanted to get this posted anyway. 
The only fasteners I used were the large and medium size star bit screws, the shiny brass ones. 
I might still end up selling it, how much would it go for anyway?

Btw, the only thing besides just screwing the sticks together is filing off the ends of the screws that happen to stick through. 


jujubee31 (author)2013-08-27

I luv this:D

MakeItWithJason (author)2013-04-30

This is cute.

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