My Eco-friendly Home





Introduction: My Eco-friendly Home

instructables independence contest entry
Eco-friendly home
Using solar wind and Geo-thermal energy
Solar and wind for electricity
and Geo-Thermal for heating and cooling
Home is earth covered 75-85%
Making it well insulated and suitable for hot Texas summers feel free to ask questions I'll try and answer them all
1 minute isn't anywhere near enough time to explain the many advantages to this style home as it is capable of going completely off grid or remaining Grid-Tied at the flick of a switch  dob:May 30 1965



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    Your video is not working, is it available on youtube or could you fix it here please, I am very interested in the idea and want to see your pictures or video

    rhapton, when I try your video I get: "This video does not exist". Is it just me or is there a missing video?

    There way more to this project than I could ever fit into a one time slot would allow
    home features include but not limited to:.

    Grid-Tied power
    Off-grid power
    solar array (Panels built myself)
    wind generators(built myself)
    geo-thermal heating and cooling
    methane digester(waste water and cow manure)
    12vdc lighting system
    120vac lighting system
    grid tied electrical panel
    off-grid electrical panel
    switch gear for on/off grid application
    solar water heater
    Recycled auto tires fill w/gravel and sand(used in backfill drainage area against structure)
    Bio-garden(fertilized and watered from digester after methane production)
    not mention composting for garden,
    and since the site of the home is on a working cattle ranch, animal waste, and farming by-products are constantly being introduced into the equation for bio-fuels and new products


    As you can tell I'm not much of public speaking or presentations as I stumbled all over this one