Introduction: My Favorite Command Block Commands

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this ible will tell you all my favorite minecraft command block commands.

Step 1: Command Block

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Ok this is a given...first get a command block: /give <your username> minecraft:command_block

Step 2: Title Command

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ok this is really cool

the title command displays text on the screen as shown in the picture.

the title command has a lot of variations so i will take you through one at a time.

first the basic command: title @a title {text:"Example One"} this is the basic one it will display the text in the quotes in white, and the basic minecraft font.

now we will add some color: title @a title {text:"Example Two",color:red} this will display the text in the quotes in red, and the basic minecraft font.

now we can add bold or italic or both: title @a title {text:"Example Three",color:red,bold:true} this will display the text in the quotes in red, and bold. you can either replace the word "bold" with italic, or just add ,Italic:true right before the last curly bracket, to make it both bold, and italic.

so that wraps up the title command.

Step 3: Kill Command

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the kill command begins the line of the torture commands >)

kill @a kills every player

kill @r kills a random player

kill @p kills closest player

kill @e kills all entities

Step 4: Summon Command

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the summon command can summon objects including, Giant (pictured above), golem, ender dragon, zombie horse, and skeleton horse.

summon Giant

summon VillagerGolem

summon EnderDragon

the horses are a bit more complected, so i recommend looking up a YouTube video.

Step 5: Clear Command

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the clear command will clear your or another players entire inventory.

clear @p clears closet players inventory

clear @r clears random players inventory

clear @a clears every players inventory

Step 6: Thats All Folks

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ok that is my favorite minecraft command block commands! please fav, subscribe, and tell me your favorite command in the comments!


Mineteep (author)2015-10-13

Oh wow! Thank you for sharing!

ruarose16 (author)2015-08-11

I don't even play pc and I even found this interesting!! Good work

Thank you!
Ps. If you have the laptop and the 30$ you should definitely get pc lol

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