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This is my first Cmoy headphone amp. It works great and I am going to replace the potentiometer. I built it using William's guide (Link) and it awesome.

P.S Don't be too critical. I'm only 13!

UPDATE: I have got everything working great and I have added a few features.


lukpe made it! (author)2014-05-31

I followed the guide, but changed the capacitors to 470uf and 0.47uf, an the effect is far beyond my expectations ;)

nuke0128 (author)2013-05-19

could you post the circuit drawing on how you connected everything together ( including upgrades you made), also what parts did you use.
Your project is very cool and i would like to build this too. Thanks

agm88 (author)2012-11-20

how did you connect the LEDsynce with the amp?

fire-is-fun (author)2011-05-18

Your main problem is your using an ipod.

dog digger (author)fire-is-fun2011-05-20

Ipods are great but I didn't just need it or music. The games, email, apps etc.
The audio quality is good but not the best but in itunes I fed the ipod the best quality music. The music on there takes up more GB than most music on itunes

mdog93 (author)2011-05-18

i honestly don't understand what the point of these are. Why not just use headphones directly into ipod?

dog digger (author)mdog932011-05-18

If you have big headphones like the beats pro, sennheiser over-ear phones and other large headphones sometimes and Ipod will not have enough juice to drive them to their full potential. I have also always wanted to make one so I did. I also wanted to have a testing amplifier and this does an awesome job.

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