Hi everbody, this is my first knex gun post and its a mod of the noisy criket this gun uses blue rods as ammo.
-hold alot of ammo
-range 15-25 feet depending on bands
-not too heavy
-usually never jams

-not too sturdy

Credit to Big Z and Repton3

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Step 1: Handle

this comes from the noisy cricket but is a little bit longer

Step 2: Body

this is pretty simple just follow the pictures

Step 3: Trigger

i know this is blury but if you cant figur it out look at the noisy criket same trigger

Step 4: Mag

ok almost done just finish up the mag

Step 5: Put It Together

just put the handle and trigger on

Step 6: Loading and Firing

simple. the rubber band goes inside the mag so you dont need a mag pusher.
Thanks hope it works well for you!
The gun isnt bad but its not great i think u can do better. Keep maken guns
This is great. I encourage you to build more.
its good but i reaplaced the bullets for bleu rods so it shoots further <br> <br>but its very good for secondary
thanks very much!
sweet thanks!! I hope you like it and it works well for you! =D
its ok
did u build it?
Do you really build anything?
r u asking my or knex gun builder?
Seeing as it was a reply to knex gun builder...
ok sure what ever..
i have a new concept gun thats epik!!! pics will be up ASAP.
With only 5 connection points between the mag and the rest of the gun, it's not too sturdy. <br><br>Also the trigger is blocking the barrel too far up the gun, and that handle was not meant for guns like this.
yah the handle is ment for a mag but i just decided to use it
It's OK for a first, but it could be better.
agreed just my first sooo yah
mag is a little bit to BIG but repton's rebular mag is good and i think it is a pistol <br>with a mag... and nice idea for a gun
thanks! and yah you can make the mag any size really

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