My First Mechanical Iris





Introduction: My First Mechanical Iris

Hello Guys, this was my first attempt  into a mechanical iris, it was a very fun project, inspired on "gogglerman" creations.

The outside ring (red ring) is made of 3 mm MDF, it has a 130 mm outside diameter, and, an 75 mm interior diameter.
The ring was cutted with holesaws.

The back plate (silver round plate) is made of 12 mm MDF, the runners on it, were made with a tablesaw. it also has the 130 mm outside diameter.

The leaves are made from aluminized sheetmetal.
Bicycle spoke nipples were used as pins, they were brazed to the sheetmetal.

And finally, the whole assembly was housed in a cd tube case.

Thanks for watch!



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    Hello my name is milad i need to make an iris cutter and i need help may i ask your help

    WHat did you use to cut out the leaves?

    Here, i use sheet metal snips


    So you cut them with scissors?

    yep, the metal sheet is only 0,75 mm, so is not that difficult

    Is the cam plate made of brass or wood?

    It's made of wood, well, not really wood, is MDF.

    What did you use to drill/cut the leaves? Im limited to some school drills, and im forced to do line cutting with a powerfull machine rather than break one with a weak blade.

    Excellent video. Was having trouble getting my head around it, but it all makes sense now. Cheers:)

    Good work. Excellent video instruction!