This is my first Nerf Mod.
I added an old airsoft gun scope and modified it to fit on the nerf, grabbed two mags, taped them together for a dual mag and they are so far working excellent, and I made a little silencer for looks, and last but not least, a removable stock.
                  I want to get feedback and see what I need to work on. I will be modding more nerfs in the future, and hopefully they will be better than this one.

P.S. Sorry for some blur in the photos

Please do a better paint job- if you use a base coat it will make the point stick better
<p>He said this is his FIRST nerf mod</p>
I don't know if you have removed the ar yet, but you can actually do it with a flathead screwdriver by taking out those three pegs you see in the plunger tube. Good luck!
do u know how to remove the air restrictor without a dremel. dont have one.
I just use my dad's big drill. it is heavy. HEY, I'M ONLY 12
Currently, I do not know how to remove the air restrictor, but i will figure it out soon and tell you if it doesn't use a dremel. There is probably alot of tutorials on youtube for it. Thanks for commenting<br><br>- Instructabeginner
have you found out another way of removing ar's. still dont have a dremel
Go here:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Nerf-Mods-A-Beginners-Guide/step10/Air-Restrictor-Air-Limiter-Removal/
yeah i checked it out but the barrel which the ar's were was sealed with glue so i dont think i will be able to get them out without using a drewmel or having bery long special pliers :(
Try This :<br><br><br> Jun 30, 2011. 1:24 PMjumpingcat says:<br>you can remove the air restrictors in almost any gun accept faor the recon and raider by taking needle nose pliers and basically just ripping/cutting the 3 pegs out<br><br>
ok this better work though. third times the charm i guess.
It depends on the gun. For a pistol, just un-screw all of the screws and the AR almost always look like a small three pronged piece with a spring. For a larger gun, I've never done it, nor tried, but I think it is the same.
Hope it works. Never tried it myself.
To me, that many exclamation marks means SARCASM!!!
I agree! LOL!
Like your supressor haha. does it work at all?<br>
Eh, Not really, I ended up taking it off. It was kinda for looks. Check out my new mod to see what it looks like now. Will be working on new mods soon.<br> -Make sure to subscribe! Instructabeginner
Be Sure to check out my latest instructable!<br><br> https://www.instructables.com/id/Nerf-Longshot-so-far/
you can remove the air restrictors in almost any gun accept faor the recon and raider by taking needle nose pliers and basically just ripping/cutting the 3 pegs out
Ok, Thanks. I was wondering how. This is just my first mod I was doing to get used to it. So far it turned out like this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Nerf-Longshot-so-far/<br><br> if you can, please give feedback (and possibly rate it)
I really like the taped mags, though you should use something other than tape to hold them together. I've found that tape can shift around unless you use a lot of it. I would suggest using superglue or hotglue, and then putting a layer of tape over it once it dries. That way you can have the tapped mag look, without worrying about your second clip falling off at the wrong time.<br><br>(Note: don't use hotglue over superglue, it vaporizes it or something and may send you to the hospital. Superglue+heat=bad times)<br><br>Now that that's done, have you removed the air restrictors yet? If not that would be the next step.
I am looking at removing the ARs, and I'm going to upload some pictures of what it looks like now. I didn't just duct tape them with the norm, I used thin metallic tape (Not sure what its called, sorry) then duct taped them and they absolutely do not move. Thanks for the tip on the glue, too.<br><br> -Instructabeginner

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